Back 2 School

As the kids go back to Myatt Garden Primary this week, they'll be greeted by a fine reminder of why they should study hard - it seems that road workers in Lewisham need to learn their alphabet, especially when they are writing in two foot yellow letters.

Too cool for '2chool' !??

This backwards gaff appeared shortly after Thames Water had dug up Upper Brockley Road to repair another leak, and is compounded by the fact that the all the other letters have near enough faded into obscurity. The roadworker in question should surely be made to come back and redo their handywork wearing a big dunce hat - either that, or be congratulated on their sense of irony.

Any other great road marking cock-ups in Brockley?


Tamsin said...

Love it!

James said...

Maybe someone could take a picture of it on their new digicam and sent in to the council.

When Pigeons Weep said...

Could we take a tin of yellow paint and change it to say "Echo"? That would make it all some clever art thing, I'm SURE of it.

ElijahBailey said...

Nice. They should get a kids art group together to finish it.

That picture reveals another problem with Brockley - the state of our roads!

Anonymous said...

Brockleys answer to Banksy....

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