Cafe Neu, Brockley Road

BC review to follow.

Please leave your comments about the restaurant below in the mean time.


Anonymous said...

I've been twice (we'd moved house and internet wasn't up and running) staff are friendly and efficient and they do a nice brew. A good internet cafe.

Pete said...

I went in once when we first moved to Ladywell about three months ago. They do nice hot chocolate and the internet is fast and reasonably good value. I ate one of their cakes at the Brockley Christmas Market which was very tasty. Their staff are friendly.

Anonymous said...

I think its very under-celebrated as the coffee is lovely and the staff very friendly. They could do with sweeping the litter from out front a bit more often but being between a bookies and second-hand appliances shop cant be easy. Its the only nice shop front on that parade of shops incidentally so its gets my vote on the double!

Anonymous said...

It's Brockley's version of "Central Perk" in the sitcom Friends!!!

Anonymous said...

its just closed!

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