Mr Lawrence, Brockley Road

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Update: Read what the Randomness Guide to London had to say about it.


Pete said...

I've been to his shop and he has very good range of unusual beers. Lots of Belgian beers and also many British beers.

Not being an expert on wine I couldn't really comment on that aspect of the shop.

Bobblekin said...

Mr Lawrence is a wonderful and charming place to drink. The warm wooden furnishings and antique bits and bobs are full of character.

For many years it was practically the only noteable venue in Brockley and the only place that I've ever taken "outsiders".

The wine store next door is also excellent. I do not use the internet suppliers anymore as the quality of stock, choice and value and the whole experience of keeping things local is a much better deal. They also have a massive range of bottled beers and ales from true independent breweries.

I think the guy that runs it is Graham (?) and both he and his sister run the place with friendly and helpful advice.

We're really lucky to have such a place in Brockley. I can not think of a similar wine bar/merchant situation this side of the Thames.

Anonymous said...

The man knows his wine! Had a conversation with him once about the merits of Doux over Monbazaillac to drink with foie gras. (He sells both).
Last time I ate there the food platters were well presented, good quality and reasonably priced.

Kate said...

Incredibly good place. As Bobblekin says, it's extremely unusual to have such a high quality place locally.

Only one possible complaint - last couple of times I've been in there, it's been extremely overheated. Admittedly that was a while ago though.

Tom said...

Unusual wine bar and wine seller, but that's unusual in a very good way!

I go to the bar every month or so, it has a great selection of wines and a more limited (though still good) choice of bottled beers.

I have had some great food there but I read somewhere that they no longer serve food.

Sue Luxton said...

We have our Lewisham Green Drinks here on the first Monday of every month (plug plug) and it is lovely. Mr Lawrence does indeed know his wines and beers and stocks a good range of local and organic beers and some fairtrade wines. More of a drinking place than an eating place, though the platters they do are good value for money. Would highly recommend. Why not come along to the next Lewisham Green Drinks on 4th Feb to sample their fare and talk greenery with other locals ;)

max said...

Fair trade foie gras for all!

Anonymous said...

One of the best wine stores I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been in to Mr Lawrence's (being vaguely and irrationally put off by the term 'wine bar'), but as far as south-east london alternatives, Theatre of Wine on Trafalgar Road in greenwich is amazing. They know everything about everything and host tastings etc.

Anonymous said...

Mr L's is a great place. I have been going here since it first opened and am a big fan. Graham is a great bloke and always happy to have a chat. Nice friendly place, good clinetel, great booze, always a new beer to try and the food is good (although i pray for the return of the Tapas basket!. Highly recommended.

pol said...

I have been going there years but less so now that the excellent menu has been reduced to snacks. It really was a good place to eat. More of a drinking place now but it still has a very old fashioned feel. A style like some gentlemans club, it appreciates quality in wine and applies a similar standard to beer, which is nice. The off licence next door carries an impressive range and reflects the owners appreciation of the importance of good taste. Mr Lawrences is quite a unusual in this respect. It is actually erudite. It tends to be frequented by professionals, a mature crowd. Some may regard it as stuffy, but it does what it does very well.

spincat said...

Seems to be popular with people filming at Rivoli or performing at Brockley Jack theatre - or indeed locals. 3pm on weds afternoon-ish is when you particularly find the sort of scene pol describes!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Kate said...

You obviously don't know how fois gras is made if you could refer to it as 'fair trade'. Fois gras is diseased liver. The liver gets like this from the bird being force fed. Nought fair about that!

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