Skehans Pub, Kitto Road

Without wishing to muscle-in on the territory of those on The Hill forum, please leave your comments and reviews about Skehans below.


Anonymous said...

I really like this place. V. Good for watching a mid week game of footy in relative spacious, emptyish, comfy suroundings. Also some of the best Thai food available weirdly. A really decent (friendly) old pub.

Tamsin said...

Not that weird - the landlord's wife is Thai. They also have a really nice restaurant - Chai's Garden - operating round the side.

David said...

The food at the restaurant has always been very good when we've been - I've not had a bad dish yet and as it's not as "cool" as some of the other London thai places I've been to (thinking Busaba and the like) it's - for me anyway - a more comfortable place to just have a decent leisurely meal. And leisurely it usually is - the service in the restaurant has been slow (although not glacially so, just notably on the slow side) with the slow bit being because there's usually 2 people dealing with a full house! Drinks are very reasonable (pub prices) because they just bring them straight through from the pub.

The pub is the only one (that I know of) on the Hill so as far as drinking spots go for Hill residents such as it's either love it (or at least deal with it) or go for a longer walk. That said, it's always seemed friendly enough and its certainly no slug/lettuce etc (which may be a good or bad thing depending on tastes).

Anonymous said...

I used to watch football there regularly, but now only go midweek as at the weekend its full of people who feel they have to shout to be heard and every other word is a swear word. A few of them can't seem to let a single woman watch the football without feeling it neccessary to comment. Midweek its full of charming old Irish men; the Thai food is good and the garden's very pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Skehans pub is brill, great bottled beer selection, jukebox with loads of tunes, pool table, loads of space, super super thai food and best of all no pretentious patrons barking at eachother in the bar - it's so Brockley dahlinks!

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