Child-friendly Brockley

Nominate the best venues in Brockley to take kids.

Here are ours...

Toad's Mouth Too (Garden)

The garden in the summer is a brilliant place for toddlers, who can explore the undergrowth to their heart's content, without getting in the way of other customers too much.

Moonbow Jakes

Post-smoking ban, Moonbow's has become a great place to take kids. The staff have a great attitude towards kids and the menu and range of snacks on offer means there is plenty for them to enjoy while you have a coffee.


As we've mentioned before , the fish tank will keep children occupied for at least as long as it takes to eat a starter.


Bea said...


Anonymous said...

Costcutters as it has a great selection of sweets.

Tamsin said...

Up by the Telegraph Hill Parks there is Cafe Orange - open Monday to Thursday 11 to 2. (Prime function a training facility rather than commercial cafe.) It has low sofas and a large area with kids toys in, also a selection of second hand books and tapes for 50p and art on the walls. The premises are also now open (under the Telegraph Hill Centre management rather than Carr-Gomm) as something of a pilot on Saturday mornings. And on Saturday afternoons for the rest of this month (providing back-up for the Festival Community Show rehearsals).

Very basic food and drink selection, but child friendly surroundings.

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

I went into Degustation before and discovered a lady with her child tasting the items on offer.

I dont have any kids, but maybe it would be a nice thing to introduce to kids? Sampling different produce?

JPM said...


I was just stuck in traffic at that blasted yellow junction box at Lewisham way/Parkfield Road. (Nightmare!)

However, I noticed that the pub to my left, previously known under the longwinded-title "Jack Beard's at the Rosemary Branch" has now been renamed "The Gourmet Bar".

Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine is on offer, but I am yet to sample either, or the drink. Watch this space...

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