One Year BC

To mark our birthday, we asked some friends of Brockley Central for their highlight from the last year...

"My personal highlight was seeing the lovely Woodcraft Folk kids having such fun exploring and singing from Brockley Common. They immediately saw the potential. They even started picking up bits of old pottery to make a mozaic for the scheme!"

Stuart Woodin, Brockley Cross Action Group

"At Christmas my partner's present to me was to have a suit made for me by Mark Saville of Loampit Vale. Anyone who has to wear a suit to work and lives in this part of Lewisham must be curious about our local tailor. I can report that while - as you'd expect for a bespoke suit - it isn't cheap, he does excellent work, and much faster than I'd have imagined."

Andrew Brown

"Maybe the Brockley MAX festival or the way the local community pulled together in opposing the betting shop application? Getting the Friends of Brockley & Ladywell Cemeteries group off the ground? The opening of The Shop on the Hill? Actually no, I am being indecisive here, but I think the Brockley highlight of the year was the Christmas Market - well done to all in BXAG who made it happen!"

Cllr Sue Luxton

"Going for a quick summer stroll to Hillyfields with my chef and stumbling upon Brockley Max in the near-dusk sunshine. We then lost ourselves on Lewisham Way - unfamiliar territory to us."

Richard, Jam Circus

"My first personal highlight of the last 12 months is the opening of the new shops - Dandelion Blue, Degustasion and the Shop On The Hill. They really add an extra touch of sparkle to living in the area (because I'm a greedy pig ...)

My second highlight is Hilly Fields. Yes, I know it's been there for far longer than just 12 months, but I started going running up there last March and I've become very fond of it (the park, not the running; but needs must!). I particularly enjoy the views into the City and out to Kent, and watching the park change with the changing seasons. Plus it's great to see all the community events up there such as the kids' football on weekends, and the summer fair."