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The Livesy lives on?
Southwark Council has axed its funding to the Livesey Museum for Children.

The museum in its current form will be open to the public for the last day this Friday 29th February, which is an indecently short period before closure.

The museum, located in one of the most deprived areas in the country, was opened by John Betjeman in 1974. Its award-winning interactive exhibitions have attracted visitors from all over the country and abroad, giving pleasure and educational benefit to hundreds of thousands of children, particularly those from local disadvantaged communities.

A number of potential funders have approached campaigners who are now setting up a trust in a bid to save the museum for future generations. Friends of the Livesey are to meet with Southwark's Liberal Democrat leader, Cllr Nick Stanton to discuss working in partnership with the council to save the museum.

Saving the museum is dependent on securing continued use of the museum building from Southwark council. This listed Edwardian building was given to the people of Southwark by philanthropist George Livesey to provide access to culture and learning. Councillors have talked about selling off the building. Friends of the Livesey will ask Nick Stanton to ensure that this does not happen and the building continues to be used for the purpose for which it was given.

Sign the petition on

Contact the campaign organisers to offer your support:

West Side Shop – the known unknown

We know lots of people want to know what’s happening to the retail units in the parade on Mantle Road.

We’d love to be able to tell you more about it. We can confirm at least what others have already written - that the property has been let. We have asked the agents to confirm more details. They have agreed to pass our details and request on to the new tenants.

That’s all we can tell you so far. Sorry! We have our own hunch but will leave it to others to speculate. If you are taking over that shop and reading this story, please get in touch and put Dixie and others out of their misery.

Thai Chi on the Hill

Tai Chi classes from 1 April 2008
Tai Chi (Yang Style)
For all levels. Tuesday 7.30 - 9pm
Telegraph Hill Centre,
St Catherine's Church, Kitto Road, SE14
07941 230239

And, a taster session and demonstration, as part of the Telegraph Hill Festival
Sunday 2 March, 12 - 1pm
Cafe Orange, Telegraph Hill Centre, Kitto Road, SE14

Lu Jun Hai sifu will lead his team to demonstrate the art of tai chi. A fantastic opportunity to join the session after the demonstration. All welcome. Admission free. (NB If weather is good, the taster session will take place in the Upper Park on Telegraph Hill)

Brockleywood nights III

Enjoy a free evening of fantastic short films and live music at Moonbow Jakes tonight, February 28th.

The London Mayoral Election
We’re planning on covering the upcoming Mayoral elections and, in particular, any issues relevant to Lewisham.

So far, depressingly, the only way in which Brockley has figured in the campaign is the search warrant that was executed by the police on a residential property on Nursery Road, in connection with allegations surrounding Livingston aide, Lee Jasper.

Meanwhile, the Back Boris campaign has been promising that a “borough-by-borough” guide to his manifesto would be launched by the end of the month. It has been promising this for weeks and is lucky that this is a leap year.

None of which bodes well for the level of debate we can expect in the coming weeks…