Brockley Bites

Telegraph Hill Festival Programme Announced
Like all self-respecting Geordies, the people of Telegraph Hill laugh in the face of freezing conditions and opt to organise their community festival as Winter turns to Spring. That means that the 14th Annual Telegraph Hill Festival will shortly be upon us.

The festival kicks off with a rock night at a venue called Narthex [?] on February 29th and there is far too much going on to summarise here, so the best thing to do is visit the event website yourself to find out more. They also have their own open studios event in March, the details of which can be downloaded from this page.
Still hope for The Talbot
The team behind the Honor Oak have confirmed that they still hope to be able to reach agreement with owners Punch to rennovate The Talbot. They are still in discussions to open the new-look pub in 2008, but it'clear that the original target of spring is no longer a realistic prospect. We are happy to offer them the chance to host Brockley Central Drinks IV if it will help to clinch the deal.
Save the Livesy Museum
Southwark Council have decided that there are far-too-many pesky museums in the area and have decided to stamp down on the problem by voting to close and sell off the Livesy Museum for Children at the end of March 2008.

The Old Kent Road venue is a free museum which offers hands-on activities for kids and is run on a shoe-string, in one of London's most deprived areas.

This bold move by the Council has the added advtantage of reducing the chronic oversupply of activities for families and young people in South East London.

If for some reason you think that they are crackers, then you need to act fast, as the final council vote is on February 20th (7pm). The Save the Livesy campaigners are asking you to write to your MP, copy to Andy Burnham, the Secretary of State for Culture (see ) If you live in Southwark, please email your local Councillor too.