Brockley - who do you love?

At the risk of disenfranchising non-Brockley residents, agoraphobics and people with an aversion to Bo Diddley it's time to write about Who Do You Love? - a competition run by Lewisham Council, that has already been mentioned by some readers.

The organisers are trying to find the people of Lewisham's favourite local independent business.

There is a great and growing list of local businesses that deserve our votes, so please get your nominations in - you have until February 29th and the form can be found here. The more votes a business gets, the better their chances, so strength in numbers!

Here's what the Lewisham Council website says:

This year the people of Lewisham will be asked to nominate their favourite independent business. An independent business is one the has no more than nine premises in their chain.
The independent business with the most nominations will win. There will be a first prize, a second prize and joint third prizes.

Caf├ęs and restaurants are the most obvious choice but hairdressers, florists, estate agents and market stalls are all eligible.

Businesses don’t have to be specialist but they should be local and above all loved.

The competition runs from 1–29 February 2008 and the winner will simply be the business that receives the greatest number of nominations. The competition is sponsored by Apogee and forms part of the
Lewisham Business Awards 2008.

The winning business will be announced at the Mayor’s Business Awards on 3 April 2008.