London Bridge and the East London Line

High-fives all round in Forest Hill and Sydenham, as the Forest Hill Society blog reports that there will be no reduction to their overland services as a result of the introduction of the East London Line extension.

" information recently received from Network Rail, via London TravelWatch, suggests that, as a result of our continued campaign, most of our concerns about their proposals have now been addressed.Rather than a reduction in peak services to London Bridge the plan now is that the total number of trains between 7am and 10am will remain at the current level of 18 trains, with only a slight adjustment to the present hourly spread of trains. All trains are planned to be 8 carriages long, whereas some are currently only 6 carriages long. This represents an overall increase in carriages serving Forest Hill and Sydenham during peak time."

We were never convinced that the threat to services was as bad as they feared, but there's no doubt that the two societies have lobbied very effectively on this issue and that this is good news for South East London.