Our new gallery: Tea Leaf Arts

The team in charge of setting up the new gallery at the Tea Factory are making encouraging progress.

The name wouldn't have been our first choice (don't say it too fast!), but we like their rationale, explained to us by Sian Knight:

a) It doesn't tie us to the building in case we have to leave, and therefore rebrand, in 2
years time, but at the same time acknowleges the history of the building we are based in

b) It prevents the space from being considered as 'just' a gallery, and leaves the door open
for other arts, ie performance

c) Tea leaves are connected with looking into the future, and we like to think we're quite
forward thinking

d) 'Tea leaf' is cockney rhyming slang for 'thief', which considering we have got the space
rent free for 2 years, is quite appropriate!

There is also a new website up-and-running: http://www.tea-leaf-arts.com/ and they are planning their first general meeting at 8pm on February 19th, at Jam Circus. This will not only be for artists interested in the co-operative, but for anyone who would like to get more involved or just find out some more information. They are also hoping the co-operative application forms will be completed by then.

The number of community drinks evenings being organised these days could probably sustain a new drinking venue all on their own.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. What a horrible name...
Tilly farts?

Bea said...

Echoes of the "Degustation" name debate ...?

I really like the name Tea Leaf Arts - especially if the cafe sells (in addition to art) tea made from leaves (rather than bags!)

Very Mystic Meg ..

Brockley Nick said...

Where's LeeNewham when you need an opinion on branding!?

It's ours now and I am sure we'll all learn to love it.

Anyway, it would be the perfect place for a Le Petomane retrospective. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_P%C3%A9tomane

Anonymous said...

If they were going to go down this road I actually prefer Tea Bag Arts. Its more urban and dare i say (Brockley) and makes reference to the fact that there is a cafe there, the idea that people can have a cuppa and chat about the art, and of course the name the Tea Factory......... and doesn't sound like farts.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they chose a name with "fart" in it on purpose? Will certainly attract attention...! Wouldn't be my choice but good luck to 'em!

Amanda said...

This was always going to be difficult. It's better than a lot of other names. I personally would have liked "Brockley" mentioned in the name. Precisely because I wanted the gallery/art space tied into the area.

But really... the name shows some wit, it's a cheeky nod to the ducking and diving nature of the Brockley Arts scene; the urban aspect of things, street art, doing things on the hoof.

As long, as it is a vibrant, engaging (for as much of the different types of people in Brockley and that's down to use, indicating what we want to see) space, I don't mind what it's called.

Anonymous said...

Eurgh. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Well, I really really like the name. I agree with Sians rationale behind it.

I think its abit more interesting than the previous suggestions, abit different to what you see in other areas of london and very in keeping with Brockleys branding.

Very good idea, well done!

BrockleyBiker said...

"c) Tea leaves are connected with looking into the future, and we like to think we're quite
forward thinking

d) 'Tea leaf' is cockney rhyming slang for 'thief', which considering we have got the space
rent free for 2 years, is quite appropriate!"

That really is painfully beyond parody.

J said...

Well, at least it ends on an upwards inflexion.......

It can work, but please do the logo with a soft outline, curves and low contrast between colours.

Anonymous said...

As long as they haven't bought the domain name "tea-lea-farts".
Foreigners are going to have trouble with that one.

Anonymous said...

'We need a new meeting place for the artistic community!....'


'....and anyone else who wants to come along!'

max said...

Maybe farts is cockney rhyming for arts.

Anonymous said...

Complete and utter cock up. Awful, awful awful. It couldn't sound more provincial if it tried. Saying that it will be perfect for selling prints of the dogs playing pool...

Anonymous said...

Tea Leaf Arts - Sorry but not good; I agree with most of the comments so far and find the rationale behind the name odd to say the least.

Its sounds rather like a sweat shop where grannies churn out hand painted tea pots rendered in the shape of idyllic country cottages...

No positive suggestions at this stage I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's the name we have. Let's move on to talking about what it should be for, shall we?

Amanda said...

Haha, the reactions are classic. It's like when the London 2012 logo was launched, people went bananas.

Quite right to anon 14.45 we've just got to get on with it.

The name will probably be shortened to something like 'The Leaf' anyway.

e.g. "yeah meet me at 'The leaf' at 6 o'clock"

" The what?"

"The art gallery, at the Tea factory building."

Anonymous said...

I think it is consistent with the Brockleys tradition of daft name for shops and cafes.

People will make their own name for it, whatever it is. I bet the kids will call it Telefarts no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Well it's certainly Telefarts to me.

Anonymous said...

Arts at Farts.

Anonymous said...

Yet again this blog is full of people with a lot to say, but not willing to actually do something. Nick's poll on involvement in local stuff is very revealing!

Anonymous said...

Precisely. Unlike the rest of you we have a regular tea and cake meeting (location of we shall keep to ourselves of course. We don't want jusy anyone turning up) discussing all the local issues and what we can actually do about.

At the moment we are concentrating on "Telling Everyone Else That They Don't Do Enough And We Do". It is going rather marveously I have to say.

Sian said...

Thanks for the comments - constructive and otherwise. I'd like to gently remind you that the name was open for consultation for a full month, and those that were motivated enough to register to vote on the poll - which contained all 44 suggestions supplied by you - were instrumental in both choosing the shortlist and eliminating all but two of the suggestions.

You may love it, you may hate it, but we did listen to you when choosing the name. We were aware of the implications of running the last two words together - note how the domain is registered - and we actually don't mind if it's known locally as telefarts. At least people will remember it.

Please do come along to the meeting on the 19th January if you want to discuss it some more. We may even find something constructive for you to do: perhaps curating our entire collection, given your acerbic wit and superior taste, Anonymous 14:35?

T1 said...

@Anon 15.44 I think it's understandable that people have a view on the name, particularly after the gallery went through the rigmarole of asking us for suggestions, and there being a poll here.

There was some consensus on a couple of (slightly over-) sensible names but they've come up with the fart option.


Hardly the type of thing that happens and shouldn't go without comment, particularly of the humourous kind.

Now we've got three cafes in Brockley, none of which have a believable name.

Anonymous said...

I hate the name - now tell me how I was supposed to 'DO SOMETHING' to prevent it??

Anonymous said...

Do a poll in your office now - throw around some of the suggestions and see which one everyone thinks is a joke. Bet you can't guess the reaction where i work....

Anonymous said...

You could of helped with the bowlderising.

Amanda said...

To Sian, you guys did your best in consulting with v. limited means. It's a funny name, (I'm laughing as I type) but we'll get used to it.

Sadly I can't be there on the 19 February, it's a Tuesday evening, which I cannot do.

More generally. The name is hardly the end of the world in terms of the success of the project.

Please look at the larger picture (pardon the pun).

Brockley Nick said...

I think it's perfectly legitimate for people to have a view on the name, particualrly given that this is a community-led project. It's also an indication that people feel a connection with the project - would we rather people showed no interest?

Having said that, I think it's almost irrelevant what the name is, so long as the content is good. I think we should all be encouraged by Sian's (and her partners in the project) energy, willingness to engage and her good humour.

Anon at 15:44. There is a whole new debate to be had on this topic but a) the people are effectively all paying for the gallery, as it was a price extracted by the Council through the S106 agreement. b) they will be the people using the gallery and promoting it by telling their friends about it. c) Opinions are valuable. The comments on this blog (and in other forums) reflect what people actually think. So even if some of it is disagreeable, it's better to know what people think, than not to, surely?

I think Amanda's post is exactly right. We will all grow to love it - most of the criticism of the name, including my own, has been fairly affectionate anyway.

Sian said...

Another point I'd like to clear up: there have been a couple of comments mentioning the name of the cafe. We're not, and have never planned to be, a cafe. The unit is for A2 use, not A3 (food and drink).

There is, however, a large cafe opening in the unit next door to the gallery. I don't know what the name of that is likely to be, although I'm willing to bet it will contain the word tea.

BrockleyBiker said...

"I think it's almost irrelevant what the name is, so long as the content is good".

Very true.

T1 said...

Yeah, that was me assuming the cafe was in the gallery.

Also to correct my previous post, that means we have four cafes around the north end of Brockley, even with the demise of the one with the most sensible name (maybe there's a link?!).

And I'm not holding my breath for a sensible name on the actual Tea Factory Caff. I fear someone else applies an over-literal form of wit ... Broccoli Tea or somesuch ...

(Possible reason why the name has caught so much attention is the high proportion of media people here - myself included - trained in the ways of words.)

Anonymous said...

For some reason I remember this television programme that had a F'art Attack section.

Ant & Dec could open the gallery?

Anonymous said...

I propose that Nick runs a new poll for BCers to register their view on the name i.e. do you like it, yes or no?

Will anyone second my proposal?

Sian said...

A couple of people have asked about the logo - I've uploaded it as my profile picture so hopefully you'll be able to see it.

Don't hold back, now...

Brockley Nick said...

Blimey ed, that's venturing dangerously in to the territory of death-by-committee.

Perhaps we should organise a vote to see if we should recognise you as an official delegate, able to put forward such proposals? We can then ratify the decision at the next agm! ;)

Brockley Nick said...

@Sian - I've nicked it to illustrate the story. Hope that's OK.

Anonymous said...

Please, wherever that sign goes make sure it's out of reach to anyone with a spray can. we're supposed to be discouraging the young people from this kind of thing but even I'm tempted to get creative with the letter F.

Sian said...

Don't worry, planning regulations prohibit an external sign. It will feature in the window only.

J said...


Hopefully this is constructive.

For the logo, you may want to replace the font with a very dark green in cursive script and play with the alignment and size of "arts" (make arts smaller). At the moment it looks a little unbalanced. Also, I recommend moving the leaf to the left or right instead of superimposing it in behind the text.

To get an idea of balancing logos in brand management, look at yahoo, amazon, colgate palmove, Fortis, tetra pack, Aer Lingus.

I think Aer Lingus is a particularly good choice to model your logo on.

Sian said...

Hi Jon

We have to be a little careful as there is already a company called tealeaf, with a similar logo, and in order to be trademarked we need to be sufficiently different:


But very helpful (and constructive!) comments, and I will pass them onto our designer - thanks.

Brockley Nick said...

JonS - how should we classify your post? 'Just talk' or practical contribution?

J said...

@sian - I've just glanced at their logo, and your leaf is visibly different. I would argue my ideal design is sufficient different as:

- your "tealeaf" is one colour and cursive
- your graphic leaf is to the right and not abstract
- arts is hanging underneath in a smaller font, but clearly visible.

Another option is to have a bigger leaf either to the left (as in british gas) or large and below the text (as in BP)

@nick - Practical contribution, my mind is not in banter mode at the moment, I'm working on a huge consulting tender, so this is light relief.

Anonymous said...

I did vote, but I wasn't aware that the name was in the bloody poll!

I'm not overly fond of it, but people will certainly remember it.
[I'm not sure that's a good thing though.]

The creators(s) said that the name should not bind them to the Tea Factory site. But doesn't "TeaLeafArts" do just that?
[Don't you just hate it when devlopers knock down a historical building, then name the block of flats after it?]

Presumably the business is a Brockley initiative. I hope so... given that it's the recipient of a Section 106 'gift' - from the Brockley public purse.

I always say that it's never too late in business to take on opinion. Often a bad idea not too actually. However, one should never invite opinion - then ignore it. That plain patronising. 'ArtyFarty? "Arty4Tea"?

Whatever the new owners decide, if they're 4 Brockley, then I'm all4them. However, if they're thinking of moving out of the area once the free rental period is over then there's only one thing I can say, URNOT4SE4.

Anonymous said...

Too be honest after 'Toes Ask' and 'Eternal Jerk' every other name will be an anti climax.

Lets just get on with filling the place with arty stuff....I quiet like the dogs playing pool idea myself

Anonymous said...


I have studied tha planning application, and it does not forbid external signage you just need to get it appproved. [See below.]

"2) You are also advised that this decision does not grant approval for any proposed signs and separate consent for the display of advertisements is likely to be required."

Anonymous said...

How can endless posts likening the similarity of the name to farts be constructive as opposed to Jon's contribution. And Nick, you can't diss these posters as most of your traffic would disappear.

Anonymous said...

As opposed to your constructive comments mate?

Brockley Nick said...

Anon - who said every comment has to be constructive? What's wrong with talking for talking's sake? I thought we all liked brockley for the sense of community - sounds as though you don't like the people you live with very much?

Brockley Nick said...

@jpm - the gallery will be run by a not-for-profit community-led group. They have the space for a minimum of two years, after which they have to start paying rent. The hope is that they can make it viable long-term.

Anonymous said...

What on earth has liking the people I live got anything to do with it? Are you suggesting that I should automatically like complete strangers who post on a blog? Bit of a non sequitur.
If you claim Brockley has such a sense of community, how come only 14 votes have been cast in the poll (and which probably means less that 14 people voted as they may be involved in more than one event). Actions speak louder than words. And yes, I did vote.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you SHOULD automatically like everyone.
Peace and love, man.
Not everyone votes anyway, so not voting isn't a way of measuring interest in anything. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
The other 49,990 visitors to the site didn't know which button to press. So actions don't speak louder than anything.
I know you love me, man, so I'm going to leave it at that. For now.

Anonymous said...

I hate everyone equally.

Anonymous said...

I hate eveyone equally too but not as much as I hate the name TILLY FARTS!

@JPM - I agree it is often a bad idea not to take on opinions, even late in the day, and to do so shows strength and leadership.

Everyone (non-Brockley) I have told about this agrees btw...

Anonymous said...

Strangely, I'm not at all certain that the place ever was called 'The Tea Factory'. It's probably just a construct by the devloper.

Although I may not agree with what the gallery's owners have to say, I will defend to the death their right to ignore everyone and create whatever (silly) name they choose. The trouble is I've said the damnable "Tea Leaves Fart" so many times now that I'm growing rather fond of it.

Remember, the voting system that offers all the illusions of democracy, leads to nothing but the delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

“Many forms of government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried from time to time. - Winston Churchill, 1947

Mind you not sure of his views on 'Tea Leaf Arts' He's dead so who cares?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I've tried with this. At first the idea that a tea leaf could let one go seemed utterly absurd. I convinced myself that the name might be a goer. However... that was before my neighbour asked what the new name was going to be. He laughed and did not stop laughing, then he did and asked 'You're joking, right?'
How about Tealeaf letsrip?

Anonymous said...

Should the cafe next door be called the Tea Cosy or would Tea Strainer be more keeping with the comments?

Anonymous said...

I think the cafe should be a place where we can have a laugh and a giggle. How about Tea Hee?

Anonymous said...

The name is now a running joke in my office. It was originally a tea AND COFFEE processing plant.

Anonymous said...

TeaLeaFartForCoffee... getting worse.

Anonymous said...

jpm - there was a sign over the door saying The Tea Factory from 1986 (when I moved to Brockley)until it was sold a few years ago.

I've noticed that I've clarified a few points on this blog concerning local history and I've only lived here 22 years! This makes me feel very old, and highlights the transient nature of living in London, where what was once common knowledge becomes lost after a few years.
(I won't even start about the hat factory that was in Brockley)


Anonymous said...

Anonymous (?) Moira (?)

Thanks for the info...

Anonymous said...

Is the public toilet still near by...The TeaPee?

Then there's the shop for hernal remedies...Teapot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I haven't logged in for a while and am shocked and stunned by the utter stupidity of the name chosen for this gallery
Someone wants stringing up and torturing.

Anonymous said...

It is not stupid at all. It has layers of meaning. Some of the best brains in Brockley have worked on this one.

Tea Leaf Arts mines a rich seam of ironic social comment. The name derives from the local commercial heritage, the building being the site of tea leaf storage...or some such enterprise.

Tea - hopefully being served in the cafe.

Tea leaf - rhyming slang for thief which is 'the other side of tracks', which is where it is.

Telefarts - Bound to a be a few of them amongst Brockleys' artistic community. Blowing down the rules of convention as they do.

It is a cut above some of the other names in the area. Of course, it may not be everyones cup of tea. But you can't please everyone.

Sian said...

OK - stop. I'm becoming very demoralised, and quite frankly, pissed off, by the tone of this board.

We may change the name of the art space, not because of any of the choice comments left on this forum, but because it may fail to attract the calibre of contemporary artist we would like to display in the exhibition space. Before the inevitable gloating starts, this is on advice from a talented curator who actually knows what she's talking about, and not influenced by anything posted on here over the last four days by people who don't.

However, the name of the co-operative will remain the same: Tea Leaf Arts. I do have a sense of humour and even, on occasion, rhino-thick skin, but the majority of posts on this board have been at best unhelpful, and at worst, insulting and derogatory. Yes, everybody is entitled to their opinion, and free debate is welcomed, but balance and progression are also useful skills.

Apologies, and indeed thank you, to those who've actually had something useful to say.

(If it sounds like I'm throwing my toys out of my pram, well, I am. After spending a huge amount of time and energy on this project, it's inconceivable to me that a group of armchair critics cannot move beyond a name to see the bigger picture. You had the opportunity to vote on it. We took notice. Get over it.)

Rant over.

Anonymous said...

How about renaming it the Hugh G. F. Art Space?

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about it. Just fill it with luverly stuff and people will come.

The name is the least important aspect.

...and don't expect any constructive comments. We're just bored at work or bored at home and like taking the piss, childish really.

Sian said...


Not a very constructive post for me to make, but oh, so cathartic...

Feel free to continue with banter now, helpful or otherwise. I'll just skip through to the good parts.

S x

Anonymous said...

Well said Sian. I thought I was the only poster to have the courage to say how pointless and unfunny mosts of the posts are. These people are happy to use their time taking the pee, rather than get off their backsides and do something such as yourself to improve Brockley.

Anonymous said...

Well it was a bit of a daft idea inviting votes and comment on the name in the first place, if you seriously expect it to be productive.

It was bound to have everyone putting in their twopen'oth, a lot of it silly banter.

With all projects there are a lot of people who want to voice opinions and a rather smaller number who actually make it happen.
This has been a useful distraction, a lightening rod for idle comment.

Hopefully the core of professionals who will make this work have been left to get on with it. Maybe this was part of their cunning plan.

We have a name and I agree with the poster who said it was the content the counts, not the name.

Get that right an people will beat a path to your door.

So, what news of the content? I am not an artist, but I do appreciate it very much. I enjoy going to viewings and, the cheese, the wine. , the idle chatter. I buy things... I want to know what we will see in our local gallery. I am sure there will be a place for Telefarts in many a social calendar. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

An interesting reaction worthy of note.

So have we missed the 'big picture'?

"You had the opportunity to vote on it. We took notice. Get over it." (Surely what she means is that we really didn't want the views of amateurs, and so we took NO notice. So s*d off!)

Sian then goes on to suggest that the name will now be changed due to 'the calibre of contemporary artist we would like to display in the exhibition space'.

In other words, they may share the same opinion as amateurs.(Lord knows why an amatuer art critic cannot choose a name though.)

The 'talented curator' (unlike you amateurs in Brockley) 'who actually knows what she's talking about...'

It's true to say that we in Brockley may be amateurs, but when it comes to the day we know where are money is headed.

And Sian, a word to the wise. Before you throw your toys out of that pram again, balance and progression are useful skills when consulting with a community, and so too is skin as thick as a rhinoceros.

Sian said...

We're all amateurs, JPM. Do you think I've ever set up a gallery before? It's a steep learning curve for everyone involved in the project, but we're doing our damdest to make sure the final project is as good as it can be with no funding, no full time staff and a fast approaching deadline.

As I've said before, the poll was open to anyone who registered to vote on the Yahoo site, and even though you state on a previous post you didn't see the name 'Tea Leaf Arts', I can assure you it was there (I believe choice number 42, in the second half of the poll, if you're interested enough to look it up). It was voted runner-up in the shortlist of 6, second to 'Tea Leaf Gallery', so I would argue that instead of ignoring the views of the community, we took your choices into account. It may not have been your choice, but it was that of Brockley. Which is what makes this debate so frustrating.

Since our reasoning for not going with 'Tea Factory Gallery' met with so much ridicule, I won't insult you by repeating them, but you'll find them at the tope of the post.

If you construe that as taking 'no notice' of the community's views, then that is your opinion. You can't please all of the people all of the time.

The name of the exhibition space *may* be changed, When an argument is presented as reasoned and thought through, and is backed up with evidence, we'd be foolish not to take it seriously. However, as I've already said, the co-operative name will remain as Tea Leaf Arts, and there are no definite plans at this stage to rename the exhibition space so the name may well stay. As you are aware, we've now been consulting on the name for over a month, and we kinda have other things to get on with. Like finding £20,000 to fit out the gallery.

Should I let a comment like "Someone wants stringing up and torturing" annoy me so much? Probably not, but when I consider the amount of time and effort that has collectively been put into the project so far, and the huge amount still to do, needless and ridiculous comments like this will inevitably grate, and I would imagine most people can understand why.

With regards to your last paragraph, I agree. That was why I made the point originally.

Everybody, talented and otherwise, who has offered their services to the project so far is based in Brockley, by the way. You seem to see us as a different entity and I'm sorry for that, but again, you're entitled to your opinion.

I hope that answer is sufficiently noteworthy for you - please feel free to email me if you'd like me to clarify anything else.

Sian said...

Ptaker, in terms of content, as soon as we've got the pesky funding stuff out of the way we'll start to put together a rough exhibition calendar, so you can have some idea of the variety of work we hope to show. The co-operative work will be on display at all times, so they'll always be something by local artists to look at.

As an aside, what do you guys think about having to ring a doorbell to access the gallery? We're going to be understaffed so security is an issue, but we don't want to put anyone off general browsing. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Sian, they have done that before at a gallery in Brixton, so it may well work. It will put off a few shy people though, but having said that I cant really seeing it have much impact. The major deciding factor will be what the front of the gallery will look like. I.e. big displays or a brick wall? That will bring in the punters..!

J said...


I've been to galleries that lock their door due to staffing levels or the value of the artwork. - What I recommend offer five dates for BC to choose from for a wine and cheese evening.

Communications can be one of the thorniest issues of any change, be it opening a gallery, restaurant or a corporation restructuring. Rest assured many major corporations trip up with their communications plans.

What I recommend is that you control what you communicate to a wider user group, including dates and scope. For Brockley central I suggest that once the gallery is open, recommend 5 dates to invite them to the gallery for a wine and cheese party. That way, the poll for BC has a defined deliverable (one of the 5 dates for a canopes and an introduction to the gallery) not an indicative recommendation, which can make engagements with a user group feel powerless. If you don't have the ability on your premises to host such an evening, it can be a good time to link up with another local business that can do the food and wine.

The danger of any online communinty is that abusive groupthink (all pulling in the same direction, in a mocking manner) can kick in sooner. No one picks up visual clues off each other so restraint is harder to measure.

(Nick and John - I think we can safely say that this is now an online community, congrats, but next time please don't arrange the drinks when I am at the theatre!

In 2 years I think you will be suprised how much this site has done to develop Brockers.)

Pete said...

There is a gallery up near Old Street where you have to ring a bell to get in and that works fine. I can see this being a good idea during the week when there won't be many visitors anyway.

I actually like the name. Ignore the idiots on here who are unable/unwilling to see past it. They are the same people who had a problem with the name degustation.

"Tee hee it sound like farts"

Yes, maybe it does, how mature of you to spot that and pass comment. When does the nursery school reopen?

Anonymous said...


Comments about 'stringing up and torturing' are made by idiots, and so you can discount their opinion anyway - nobody deserves that level of criticism or abuse.
Unfortunately this blog is not representative of Brockley though - it's representative of people who like Blogging about Brockley and those two things are poles apart I suspect. Profile your average 'Blogger' and let the stereotypes pile up. A case in point - Nick's thread, Brockley Drinks 2 - The Quickening - a reference to the film Highlander 2(or 3, or 4, can't remember) but Nick????? surely such an obscure reference can't be used unless the you know the target audience. He does, so i got it and i bet I'm not the only one. This blog is almost exclusively inhabited by geeks (check the cycling thread for clarification - or weirdos, check anything by Andy Pandy PP.

My point is this - don't listen to any of the posts on here unless you know the people they are coming from - criticism is worthless as a line on a page from a stranger. We could all be nutters.

My own opinion about the name Tea Leaf Arts for what it's worth ,( which is nothing as I've mentioned) , is that I suspect you're not entirely happy with it, if you think it may deter 'serious' artists from wanting their work exhibited. but that';s okay, names can change and people will just accept it.

Connor McCloud from the Clan McCloud

Amanda said...

Sian if you and the team believe in the name. Stick with it. If you don't ditch it.

You guys, the ones who are with this project 24/7 are the ones who will ultimately get the artists to display at the gallery.

As to the bell, I think that's perfectly fine.

I will try to be there on the 19 February.

Anonymous said...

Sian point taken.

A lot of us in this site are use to criticism. I work in an industry were it's the 'norm'.

(If you were in a position to Google my name you would come up with some of the biggest flops in history. There are also a few choice words left on my blog "thebigretort.com" about me.)

On this site I have been, and I am, often criticised. Wrongly in some cases I think, but I take a view on the kind of company I choose to keep and if it isn't for me I move on. (My sense of humour isn't to everyone's liking, but hey!)

You might like to work on the old PR a bit, rather than resorting to sarcasm as a reaction as it just snowballs.

That said, I didn't know that you were an amateur. (I don't know the full details of the Sct 106 Agreement provision.)

Neither was I aware that the name 'The Tea Factory Gallery' also met with ridicule. (Certainly not from me, as I quite like it.)
But then, as you say in one of your many 'digs', you can't please all of the people all of the time.

I do sincerely hope your hardwork pays off because your success is Brockley's.

On the subject of the bell, I think it gives the impression of an area under seige. There may be better ways of ensuring yours (and others) security.

We need to unite our efforts to try and get some more funding shoved Brockley's way, as all of the regeneration money appears to have gone to Lewisham Town Centre and New cross.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have attached my mark to the above, as I don't like to criticise anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I think a BC drinks at the gallery is a fab idea, once it is up and running.

Anonymous said...


consultation is a fraught process, any rebranding, logo, branding efforts tend to bring out the armchair critic in everyone. In my working past I've handled some name changes - they always meet with criticism. I'm not saying ignore the comments here, or the poll that you did, but use them to inform your decision making, as opposed to deciding it.

Jon S makes several good points. Seems to me he's giving you some very expensive advice for free. so it's not all bad.

don't feel wounded by the comments here. look at the chattering classes debate if you want cheering up. It makes the opinions here sound positively constructive.

don't forget this is an online debate - you've got no idea who most of us are.

This is the one time i'd say learn from APP&P. He is subject to opprobrium every time he posts - or even if he doesn't. It doesn't stop him.

I'm really looking forward to the gallery.

Well done.

Bea said...

Having just looked up the word "opprobrium", I really like it. I'll have to retain that one!

opprobrium \uh-PRO-bree-uhm\, noun:
1. Disgrace; infamy; reproach mingled with contempt.
2. A cause or object of reproach or disgrace.

Poor APP&P! (But I bet he enjoys the disputes he generates!). Which reminds me, I still have a bet on with him about a "Hero" coffee shop on the west side of the tracks!

Anonymous said...

lol no comment....!!

Anonymous said...

You should also look up the word "troll" as in "internet troll".

J said...

Ah trolls, the joys of the internet age. See this link for a detailed review.............


Anonymous said...

Bea? What did we bet? Not my house I hope....

Anonymous said...

I think you told everyone that cafe nero was coming westside.....care to add more about that?

Anonymous said...

I never said that, I used the word Hero. If one doesnt turn up within a yr, then i'll open a Cafe Hero myself to stop Bea taking my house...

Bea said...

APP&P - don't worry NOT your house - just a drink (on the proviso the cats come too!)

Anonymous said...

are you saying that you still think that a cafe nero is going to open up westside within a year?????

Anonymous said...

The volunteers who are preparing the Art-Tea space at the Tea Factory are featured in this weeks Mercurcy page 6.

Nice photo with the article.

Residents are invited to a meeting from 8pm on Feb 19 athe Jam Circus.


Anonymous said...

hi when is the tea factory due for competion? it looks very much still a work in progress for something supposed to be opening imminently...surely?

Amanda said...

It's seems to have gone quiet with this project. I hope all is well...

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