A blog about nothing

NBC President: So what's the show about?

George: What did you do today?

NBC President: Got up, came to work.

George: That's what the show's about.

Jerry: Maybe something funny happens on your way to work.

George: No! Nothing happens!

We're not sure what we have here. Kate, who sent it to us, wasn't sure whether it was a story. We're not even sure quite which blobs denote Brockley, Crofton Park, et al. But we know it shows commuter journey times to SW1 across London.

Brockley, by the looks of things, does comparatively well but it starkly highlights the poverty of South East London's transport infrastructure overall.

Seinfeld references? Commuter times? All contemptibly bourgeois for Ross, no doubt but then he has his own blog to rail against The Man.