20mph Speed Limit Planned for Lewisham

The Evening Standard reports that Brockley Central regular Cllr Sue Luxton has won mayoral approval for her pioneering plans to introduce a borough-wide 20mph speed limit:

The council's sustainable development select committee has voted in favour of the scheme, which will make Lewisham a guinea pig for the rest of the capital.
Borough mayor Sir Steve Bullock has endorsed the plan, which is the brainchild of Green councillor Sue Luxton.

She said the lower limit would be enforced by a ring of cameras, removing the need for costly road humps.

It also means humps in other parts of the borough, where 18 small-scale 20mph zones have been introduced already, can be phased out.

Brockley attracts plenty of boy-racers and car fetishists and anything designed to tackle them has our support, so long as its implemented in a pragmatic fashion, with the main arteries made exempt and a cost-effective means of enforcement can be found. If it can lead in the long-term to the removal of ugly road humps, width restrictions and other forms of traffic calming street furniture, then so much the better.

We hope we'll be able to read more of Sue's thoughts on the subject on her blog soon (or on here if she's around).

And on a tangential note, apologies to anyone who got stuck in traffic on due to lane closures on Endwell Road.

We've just realised that the developers had emailed us forwarning a few days ago. For the record, here was the message:

"Just to confirm, this Saturday 23rd Feb, there will only be a single lane for both sides of the traffic to use by the Tea factory, as a crane will be arriving at about 8am and will be there most of the day.

"This is for the delivery of large windows and the copper cladding. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, this will be the last lane closure for this development."

Thanks to them for honouring their pledge to send us the information, even if we failed to honour ours to publish it in time.