Brockley Central Drinks II - The Quickening

As we walked through the door of Jam Circus last night, it was immediately obvious that we had not thought it through. The place was pretty packed with people, none of whom looked like they needed company and none who were obviously a 'Headhunter' or a "Tyrwhitt Michael".

Fortunately, Brockley Jon is more resourceful and had come armed with a hand-written sign (one day, Google advertising will scrape together enough money to buy a proper one - until then, we use biro) and an I 'Heart' Brockley badge. We positioned ourself in full view of the door and waited.

Unlike last time though, we didn't have to wait long. Richard Elliot was immediately recognisable, thanks to his blog and it turned out that 'b.' and his girlfriend had arrived ahead of us. Two became five and we had achieved critical mass - enough for people to start sidling up to us, to ask if we were the Brockley Central group. In total, we reckon about 30-40 people turned up, including nearly everyone from the first night. So many, in fact, that we didn't have a chance to say hello to them all, but their evening appeared none the poorer for that.

We'll leave it to others who were there to describe the evening further, but we'll say three quick things:

1. Jam Circus was great and its popularity (even without the addition of the BC crowd) surely proves the demand for at least one more place to drink on Brockley Road.

2. Everyone seemed to be talking to everyone else without the evening descending in to a bitter discussion about class warfare or 'political correctness gone mad'.

3. Thank you for everyone who came, it was really lovely that so many turned up. There will definitely be a Brockley Central Drinks III.