Meze Mangal plans new patisserie

In its review of Meze Mangal a couple of years ago, Time Out speculated:

"It’s surprising that such a well-loved eaterie doesn’t entice other Turkish restaurants to open in the area. But perhaps others are afraid they wouldn’t be able to compete."

Now, we are pleased to confirm that Meze Mangal will be joined by a specialist Turkish cafe and patisserie. But rather than competing, the two will be sister venues, run by the same people. In the words of Meze Mangal's manager, it will "be unlike anything else in south east London."

The Lewisham Way restaurant has long been blighted by its location among a parade of disused shops and bordered what appears to be a large sea container. While sea containers may have revolutionised global trade, they do nothing for the neighbourhood. Happily, the box is going, to be replaced by the cafe. At the same time, the frontage for Meze Mangal will be improved, which has apparently been the masterplan all along.

No opening date has yet been set, but we will keep you posted. Brockley's culinary revolution continues.

With thanks to JPM for the lead...