Meze Mangal plans new patisserie

In its review of Meze Mangal a couple of years ago, Time Out speculated:

"It’s surprising that such a well-loved eaterie doesn’t entice other Turkish restaurants to open in the area. But perhaps others are afraid they wouldn’t be able to compete."

Now, we are pleased to confirm that Meze Mangal will be joined by a specialist Turkish cafe and patisserie. But rather than competing, the two will be sister venues, run by the same people. In the words of Meze Mangal's manager, it will "be unlike anything else in south east London."

The Lewisham Way restaurant has long been blighted by its location among a parade of disused shops and bordered what appears to be a large sea container. While sea containers may have revolutionised global trade, they do nothing for the neighbourhood. Happily, the box is going, to be replaced by the cafe. At the same time, the frontage for Meze Mangal will be improved, which has apparently been the masterplan all along.

No opening date has yet been set, but we will keep you posted. Brockley's culinary revolution continues.

With thanks to JPM for the lead...


Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

Can we have a poll on the name then cause a big stink if he doesn't go for it? [He did say he was still trying to find a name.]

Anonymous said...

wahoo! So pleased :0)

Anonymous said...

Now all they need to do is move the whole lot away from that crappy road. Coulgate street??

Richard Elliot said...

During my week off I have spied a bit of work going on in the shop next door. They have also been tidying up some of the pavement out front.

Will be another fantastic addition to the area.

Anonymous said...

Years ago - and back in my less refined days - a Turkish chum of mine always thought that the best Restaurant name he'd encountered was "That Turkish Place" on the New Cross one way. He had a point. (It's not still there is it? - I try to avoid that junction).

Might not go down too well with the pseuds though.

Anonymous said...

How fantastic - can't wait. My favourite SE4 restaurant.

Sad to say That Turkish Place has closed. However, for those of you who visit Camberwell, there is a great little cafe restaurant (more of a cafe than Meze Mangal, but still good for lunch or light evening meal) called Tadim's in Camberwll Church Street. It looks a bit like a bread and pastry shop from the outside but opens out into a attractive room at back.

Anonymous said...

Strongly disagree witn Anonymous, that the 'crappy road' can be transformed along the lines of a Coulgate Street. It can b transformed along the lines of a The New Lewisham Way.

Tesco, Meze Mangal, the New Baker...? What follows next?

Let's hope some thought and expense is put into the forthcoming Chinese restaurant.

Hopefully a refurbishment of that corner pub.

We need to extract some SRB funding from the Council for the total overall of the parade of shops in that stretch. After all, it'a gateway to Brockley as much as a gateway through Brockley.

A series of Zebra Crossings along the Lewisham Way rather than one pedestrian light either end would go a long way to unite these shops with the Brockley Conservation Area.

These could be sited near (1) Lewisham College, (2) Meze Mangal, (3)Manor Avenue, (4) the post office. This will result in greater access to these shops and make them a vibrant quarter.

It would be nice to hear from Councillor Dean Walton on this and any others.

Anonymous said...

I have never tried this place as the location is a bit off-pitch. Plus the one time i used the new Tescos up there there was a group of hoodies hanging around outside eating their daily dose of fried chicken and I was asked for money at the atm from some homeless looking drunkard. No offence to anyone but I a fan of Lewisham Way I have to say. I might 'risk' another trip up that end of town whenever the new Turkish patisserie opens.

Anonymous said...

JPM: Zebra crossings would be a bit crazy. There are plenty of signal-crossings. Traffic at peak times along that road is bad enough.

Driving hell aside, pollution and beeping motor vehicles wouldn't really enhance the area.

As far as shop parades go, I've seen much, much worse into New Cross and the like but it could probably do with some re-paving and bollards to prevent cars from parking up on pavements. I remember that being quite the obstacle on my one and only visit to Meze Mangal (which was lovely, by the way :) )

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have Lewisham Way spruced up, it obviously used to be quite "posh" when it was all built. The houses along the conservation area side of Lewisham Way are very stately and at one point that large building which now houses the bookies used to be a posh department store

Anonymous said...

Well New Cross used to be where a lot of barristers lived. The rail link to the centre allowed them to combine the delights of living in leafy Kent and working in the city.

Anonymous said...

I think the more this area is 'used' the less people will feel worried about venturing there and the more business will be attracted to it - a circular effect.

Anonymous said...

Since 'violetnights' (first timer?)has responded in the negative, along with Anonymous), I feel I should challenge them.

Anonymous, your presence (along with other good people) will move most bad apples on. The begging is a problem but is also evident in Blackheath, and is a wider social issue. (See postings on Hostels. Or should that be 'hostiles'?)

"Violetnights," I don't understand why a series of Zebra
crossings would be 'a bit crazy'. The signal crossings put the onus on the pedestrian to request traffic stops - electronically. Surrendering contol over ones right of way to a machine, which often favours the driver, is death to a community.

A Zebra crossing on the other hand empowers the pedestrian caught either side of a busy road. It sends out a clear message to persons travelling by vehicle through a community. WE HAVE RIGHTS OVER YOU.

'Traffic at peak times along that road (Lewisham Way) is bad enough' - yes. But this is due to the bus/taxi lane, and the yellow junction box sited outside Goldsmith's College since October 2006, and the cameras that record moving traffic offences. (Please at least observe the elements that cause the tailbacks and back your comments up with some research.)

Of course, if traffic is stopped along that stretch anyway, then it is not going to hurt very much having black and white lines there for pedestrians, is it?

That said, the 'driving hell' and 'pollution and beeping motor vehicles' argument is driver-biased and, dare I say, somewhat specious. When applied to a community's rights to access shops, and the shopkeeper's rights to a flow of customers, then it is these two I favour. And I am a driver who uses that route. Certainly I would rather be stopped in traffic awaiting a pedestrian than at a yellow junction box awaiting an opportunity to cross - or a fine.

Anonymous said...

Not a first timer, but I haven't been reading the blog long.

I wouldn't have said my comments were particulally negative...just in opposition to your own with no harm intended. A convincing explanation of your suggestion would have been enough without additional comments that would suggest I didn't know what I was talking about.

As someone who lives fairly close to the Lewisham way, I both drive it and pedestrianise it frequently, so no bias there, and as both I see not only heavy traffic (and yes, I am well aware of other possible contributing factors) and the typically precarious drivers that use this busy, main road into London. I am not certain a zebra crossing would be a smart choice on a road where a number of drivers seem so reckless. I used to live near a zebra crossing that was switched to traffic lights for that very reason.

And of course, if town planners didn't see fit to put zebra crossings there in the first place, there might well be good reasons for it! Or perhaps I am putting a bit too much faith in the council? ;)

I'm simply of the opinion that there are better things to spend money on to help spruce the area up where, as a frequent pedestrian, I find what's already available sufficient.

Still I look forward to see what Meze Mangal is cooking up (bad pun, sorry!) though as someone with an enormous sweet tooth, I fear for my wasitline!

Pete said...

I actually think that on busy roads traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings have the edge over zebra crossings. You can be more or less certain that a car will stop for you at a set of lights but I have nearly been hit by cars on zebra crossings.

Provided you don't have to wait too long for the green man to show up I think they are a good option.

Anonymous said...

I think I am right in doubt someone will correct me if I am wrong...that on a Red Route, which of course the A20 Lewisham Way is, you can only have light controlled crossings (pelicans) rather the belisha beacon highlighted ones (zebras).

True zebras seem very few and far between nowadays, I presume because pelicans are safer and cater for certain disabled users.

In actual fact between Tyrwhitt Road and Malpas Road there are four light controlled crossings (count them) and two light controlled junctions at which pedetrians can cross safely, which I would have thought was an adequate provision....

Who was Hoare-Belisha anyway?

Anonymous said...

Well, you can take a Zebra to water, but... HE STILL WON'T VISIT THE SHOPS.

Violetnights. Sorry if I offended. Town planners don't always know what they are doing. Try to get the Traffic Impact Assessment on the yellow junction box that is causing much of the chaos on the A20 - no such luck. (Not even under the Freedom of Information Act.)

This 'pinch point'(Lewisham Way/parkfield Road) generates too much money in fines, £10,0000 a month last time I looked, and this then leads to a corruption of the reason for its oimplementation - the steady flow of traffic. Instead it is now causing tailbacks beyond Lewisham College.

Tyrwhitt Michael, I think you're right regarding Red Routes but the power invested in TfL to keep traffic moving, contradicted at the site above, is not set in concrete and does, literally, drive a coach and horses through communities.

Pete... I've walked across the pedestrian crossing when the traffic lights were red and drivers often race through them. Answer: Put the cameras at the (Zebra) crossing and fine the driver.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why that came up as Anonymous, Violet, as I always try to post with a name.

Pete said...

Of course you are right that drivers can jump the lights. They just need to be better enforced.

Amanda said...

This sounds pretty fab. If their patisserie products are as good as the breads they make, then we are in for a real treat.

About zebra crossings, I find the one just before the double roundabout at Brockley cross to be a hazardous. I think drivers get so frustrated being caught up in the traffic in part caused by the choas of the roundabout, that as soon as they are out of it, they put their foot down and go over that Z. crossing at mad speeds.
I think speed humps just before the crossing would help.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you on that, Amanda...

I think the problem is with traffic actually coming the other way too, around the bend, and at speed.

It should be sited closer to the bend perhaps.

Anonymous said...

The sea container gone!? But it's a landmark part of our heritage, surely it's a protected monument?

First it was the Sumo Wrestlers, now the sea container, what next, the Cat at Catford!?!

T1 said...

Am sure someone will set up a blog to defend the sea container, as a bulwark against gentrification.

Anonymous said...

Quite surprised at the favourable reviews Meze Mangal gets on here. we had a take-out meze platter from them last year and it was awful. Large quantities of over-oily stuff that wasn't hot and wasn't even as good as Tesco's houmous etc.

We decided not to go back.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you give them another go, Hugh, bt not for takeaway? They are not, in my opinion a take-away place - you really you need to book a table and sit down for a nice relaxed meze. I once had a poor take-away from there but fortunately, for me, it came after a dozen lovely 'sit-down' meals at same place, so I just wrote it off as maybe the chef having a bad night.

Anonymous said...

and I guess that's why they call it the blues.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the person asking for money outside Tescos put you off frequenting that part of Lewisham Way. He's always there and asks everybody for money!

Perhaps I've been fortunate, but on my many trips to Tesco I've never been bothered by hoodies eating fried chicken, so perhaps you've just been unlucky.

To paraphrase another poster, the more "ordinary" people frequent these places, the safer/ more pleasant they will become.

Anonymous said...

yes thanks for this, JPM, we went the other night and had a lovely dinner though the extraordinary sea container and need to park in a somewhat terrifying way in front of the restaurant were not ideal. (neither for we parkers nor the group dining about a foot away separated only by the window)

Patisserie will be brilliant and if anyone can make a success of it, it is these guys - superb customer service and rapport.

Anonymous said...

You live in Brockley and your drove to Meze Mangal??

silburnl said...

The fact that the mixed meze is an assortment of cold starters might account for them not being hot.

I agree with Spincat that Meze Mangal is more of a sit down joint, however that doesn't stop us getting a take-out from there every pretty regularly. Of course, it being the closest restaurant to our gaff has something to do with it, but the fab food also plays it's part.


Anonymous said...

Nicola Name, you may also like to try La Querca which is very good indeed.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, yes on the way home

jpm, thanks for that - we once read a good review of it, in Hardens I think, and drove past but it didn't look awfully nice so we didn't go in. On your say so, however, we will give it another go. I'll report back.

Brockley Jon said...

Yeah, it's worth pointing out that although I wrote a glowing review a while back, Meze does have its off nights. I've now been enough times to know that these are few and far between.

Some rules for a good night at Meze:
- book early
- don't sit by the grill or the door
- try to do it on a quiet night otherwise the waiters are running round like headless chickens

Takeaways are alright and represent good value, but are not the same thing as eating in.

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