Crofton Park to Victoria trains - public consultation

Lib Dem prospective MP for Lewisham Deptford Tam Langley is encouraging people to make their voice heard as part of a TfL consultation about the potential loss of the service to Victoria from Crofton Park station. She writes:

Last night I met up with Caroline Pidgeon, our Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member responsible for scrutising Transport for London's plans.

There is good news and bad news about Crofton Park's trains.

The good news is TfL will be looking into the effect of cancelling plans to run trains from Crofton Park to Victoria, and we will have an opportunity to make our views known.

The bad news is we only have a few weeks to tell everyone else who lives in Crofton Park about what's happening, so that together we can show Transport for London how much we care about this.

Please join the campaign to save the link and sign the petition here.


Steve said...

Signed it.

Anonymous said...

me too....i dont uderstand why more people aren't behind this?

Crofton Park Ranger said...

Me three. + signed it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nick. Signed and protest logged

Rosie H said...

The line that runs out to Crofton Park is an excellent alternative to the bottleneck at London Bridge.

Would be very disappointed to see it go for what seems a very small outlay to make it work.

Anonymous said...

me too - nice to have an alternative to London Bridge!!

patrick1971 said...

Yep, signed it myself. Seems crazy to drop the Victoria service; so many people change at Denmark Hill now to get to Victoria.

Flash said...

This seems to have dropped off the radar! I signed the petition and now I just get emails from the lib dems asking me to donate cash when I would prefer an update on the current situation.
Did we actually get any feedback from Tfl on this issue?

Steve said...

Me too! I keep getting plenty of random lib dem bumf, but nothing when I email them to find out what is going on with this.

Maybe it was a con to try and increase membership...

max said...

Tam is taking a few days off as she just had a baby.

Here's the last email update on the issue I received from her and I believe that all those that signed received it as well.

On Friday I met Ian Brown, the MD of London Rail, to discuss Crofton Park's train service to Victoria. We asked him to explain why a proposed Victoria to Bellingham service via Crofton Park, that would have run 7-days a week, had been axed, and what account had been taken of local people's views on this.

London Rail say the money that would have paid for the service was needed for the East London Line. We explained that hundreds of people had signed our petition to save the service and that we wanted a proper opportunity to input to the 'Options Study' that is now being carried out.

Mr Brown and his colleague said that, since the service had been proposed but not implemented, there was no obligation upon them to hold a public consultation!

However, he recognised the strength of feeling that existed about the service, and undertook to provide us with details as to how we can input to the study they are now carrying out in partnership with Travelwatch.

A meeting is planned for October, and there may be other opportunities for us to share the views of local people - I will update you as soon as they confirm these.

In the meantime we're continuing to collect signatures on the petitions, and our campaign postcards have arrived, so you'll start seeing them in local businesses in the next few days. If you'd like to distribute any to your friends, neighbours or local businesses please do let me know and we'll drop them off.

Best wishes,


Rob Blackie said...

Thanks to Max for replying. I'm Rob - Tam's partner - Tam is indeed taking a few days off but I'll pass this on.

On the issue of the trains Max has helpfully put up the latest situation. Tam hasn't had a reply from London Rail since her meeting a few weeks ago - so will be contacting them to ensure that they listen to the views of local people.

On the email issue I can only imagine you've accidentally signed up for 'party news' which when you signed the petition - which will have opted you into all national party news. If you selected 'campaign news' you'd only have got the three or so emails that Tam has sent on this campaign. If you'd like to email me to confirm your identity I can check.

Finally Steve - who have you emailed? As far as I'm aware we've not had an email from you - again if you email then we'll get back to you.

All the best,


Steve said...

Hi Rob & Max,

Thanks for your quick replies:) I do appreciate that if Tam wasnt behind this issue - no one probably would be.

Just a couple of emails I sent her got lost in the ether - will resend though - thanks again!

Steve said...

oh and congrats on the bubs..

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