Save the forest in Forest Hill

Last year, we wrote about an attempt to develop a greenfield site in Forest Hill, which some local residents were fiercely opposed to. As the campaigners' blog shows, this is no scrap of wasteland, but a genuine beauty spot.

Earlier this year, Council officers decided to recommend the plans, but they were rejected by all eight councillors at a planning committee on March 31st 2009.

However, campaigner Veronica has been back in touch to explain that the developers have not been deterred:

"Loromah Estate has answered by submitting a new slightly revised building with notice going out to local residents during this summer holiday. Lewisham Council will make their decision on the 2nd of September and we need to get in as many objections as possible, hopefully before that date."

BC is not particularly familiar with this issue but surely the problem is not the type of development proposed, but that no development should take place there at all. The argument is the same as before: with so many brownfield sites in the borough begging for development, why bulldoze a well-loved spot of green?

Please visit the campaign website to see how you can help.