British Legion Club - residents call for action against anti-social behaviour

Some residents of Buckthorne Road have been in touch concerning problems with the British Legion Club, which you can see here:

A group of Brockley residents are campaigning for improvements to the British Legion club on Buckthorne Road - a quiet residential road in Crofton Park.

We are looking for support from other SE4 residents who may be affected by the many issues relating to this establishment. Recently the club's management resigned because they felt the club was no longer representative of the spirit of the British Legion and this absence management has created a vacuum which has allowed the existing anti-social elements to continue unchecked.

It is not uncommon now to find groups of teenagers drinking outside on the street at 11am and local residents are frequently having to deal with young lads shouting and swearing, bottles being smashed, rubbish being dumped on the walk ways and cars racing along a road frequently used by cyclists and mums taking their kids to and from school.

Residents now feel that without any formal management to complain to, they have no alternative but to contact the headquarters of the British Legion and to this aim have begun a petition asking for something to be done.

As the venue resides over a main cycle route and short-cut to a park, a cemetery and a primary school on what would be an extremely quiet road we were wondering if anybody has had any negative experiences that we could forward to the Legion management or in fact if anybody would be willing to sign a petition to call for a drastic improvement.

We have created an online petition for people to sign in addition to our traditional hard copy one; residents can sign here.

We have also created a communal email address should anyone wish to contact us or provide details of negative experiences they have experienced as a result of the issues raised.