Crofton Park to Victoria trains - public consultation

Lib Dem prospective MP for Lewisham Deptford Tam Langley is encouraging people to make their voice heard as part of a TfL consultation about the potential loss of the service to Victoria from Crofton Park station. She writes:

Last night I met up with Caroline Pidgeon, our Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member responsible for scrutising Transport for London's plans.

There is good news and bad news about Crofton Park's trains.

The good news is TfL will be looking into the effect of cancelling plans to run trains from Crofton Park to Victoria, and we will have an opportunity to make our views known.

The bad news is we only have a few weeks to tell everyone else who lives in Crofton Park about what's happening, so that together we can show Transport for London how much we care about this.

Please join the campaign to save the link and sign the petition here.