Browns of Brockley - coming soon

Browns of Brockley is the new name for the shop on Coulgate Street, formerly known as Dandelion Blue.

Brockley Central briefly caught up with new owner, Ross, on Sunday. Here's what he told us about his plans:

Like Dandelion Blue, Browns of Brockley will be a deli. He hopes to open soon, possibly by the end of this month. However, there will be some key differences, aside from the new colour scheme.

Ross is planning to offer a wider variety of fresh produce and to alternate the stock more often. We can also expect the pricing structure to be a little different - if one criticism was levelled at Dandelion Blue more than any other, it was that many customers felt it was too expensive. We can still expect some high-price, high-quality items, but there will be a more affordable range alongside them.

He's also planning to make the shop a little more experiential, with tastings, demonstrations and talks, from time to time.

We hope to bring you a fuller interview about Ross' plans in the near future. In the mean time, you can follow him on Twitter here (and of course, follow BC here).