Brockley on t' internet...

The Brockley Central team have noticed some frivolous Brockley-related links recently, so we thought we'd share them:

The station that Brockley never had:

Brockley Green is the perfect picture of a bustling railway station - steam locos, accessible platforms, trains with free seats - oh, and it's a model made by John Wass of Hull, set along the high-level line from Lewisham to Nunhead.

Street life:

We think this might have been posted somewhere in the comments before - the YouTube video Streets of Brockley offers an alternative view of Brockers (mainly of the Senol Fish Bar). Also features as a bonus track on the album titled Hardest in the City.

Best merchandise ever?

BC spotted this toy lion for sale on Amazon for £9.99. Good to see that Brockley's so popular that we've got our own merchandising range! Yes, T-shirt is included!

What snippets of Brockley have you found lying around the internet?

UPDATE - Ghostly behaviour at the Brockley Jack:

The wonders of YouTube bring us more Brockley-related goodness, this time in a low budget Most Haunted-style production from the Paranormal Channel - Demon at the Brockley Jack! Lots of shakycam and bleeping abound, as two blokes walk round the cellar of said pub in the dark bumping into crates of Magners – scary stuff indeed! Next Derek Acorah will be paying us a visit, and when he does we'll grab an exclusive interview.

Readers note, this and the Streets of Brockley clip are about the only Brockley-related videos on YouTube, so the door is wide open for some veg-growing / honey-making / ping-pong-playing / pram-running / canvas-painting Brockley clips.