Building in Brockley's mews

BC has spotted a new planning application to build two houses in Ashby Mews, at the rear of Upper Brockley Road.

The scheme involves the demolition of two existing garages at the rear of 153 and 155 Upper Brockley Road, and their replacement with two 2-storey, 2-bed mews houses.

Construction work in Brockley's historic mews is controversial, because it arguably changes the area's character by removing green, leafy space and increasing population density.

There are quite a few similar sites in the conservation area which could be used for property development. On the one hand, London needs more affordable homes; but on the other hand, should we destroy the area's historic mews to create it?

What do BC readers think?

(Anyone who wishes to comment on this planning application can email planning including the Application Number, your name, address, comment and reason for interest.)