Brockley Fruit and Vegetable Market, Brockley Road [Updated image]

New and improved image, courtesy of BC regular Fintan.

The infinitely resourceful Transpontine has unearthed this image of a fruit and vegetable market at 167 Brockley Road, circa 1890. That would place it next to the defunct holistic therapy centre in today's Brockley.

We love this image, partly because it reminds us how much we have lost and are trying to recover. It also acts as a gentle rejoinder to the school of thought on Brockley Central that things never change - and that hoping for better things is futile. The area - like all areas - is in a constant state of flux. We hope we're lucky enough to be in Brockley during an upswing in the area's fortunes. Saying that a shop is doomed to fail now because it was tried unsuccessfully 10 years ago is as meaningless as saying that a grocery is doomed to fail in 2009 because J Easton gave it a go in 1890.

Incidentally, if anyone knows what "The Pavement" that the poster refers to is, please let us (and Transpontine) know.