Brockley Station works update

PROSSER: Look. These plans have been on display at the planning office now for a year.
ARTHUR: On display? I had to go down to a cellar!
PROSSER: That's the display department.
ARTHUR: I eventually found them in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'beware of the leopard'.
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Although often a controversial figure, Brockley Central regular Catman has succeeded where all others have failed and managed to extract some information from Lewisham Council about when on earth we might expect the work to Brockley Common and Station to be completed.

The project is now many months late and there has been very little visible sign of work being done, let alone progress. Occasionally, two guys might be seen stirring a tiny little pot of cement or moving something from one place to another, but given the extent of delays and the significant inconvenience the closure of the bridge and much of Coulgate Street has caused, one might hope for a little more urgency and some clear information about what is going on. Instead, Catman had to quote complaints policy rules to the Council before any information was forthcoming.

There is a lot more to be said in due course about how this project has been managed and what needs to happen next in order for the vision of an improved station and common to be properly realised. For now, however, here is the information from the Council about what they expect to happen next:

- The re-paving of Coulgate Street is to be completed later this month [all we've noticed so far is tarmac]

The coping stones to the ramp have not been delivered yet - although this does not stop the ramp from being useable [sic]. Delivery is expected in 4 - 6 weeks
- By the end of next week the paving works to the steps should be complete - weather permitting. Once the hand rail has been delivered it will be fitted and we can then open the steps

We are currently seeking estimates for the seeding of the banking