Are there enough bins in Brockley?

"Mere opinions, in fact, were as likely to govern people's actions as hard evidence, and were subject to sudden reversals as hard evidence could never be. So the Galapagos Islands could be hell in one moment and heaven in the next, and Julius Caesar could be a statesman in one moment and a butcher in the next, and Ecuadorian paper money could be traded for food, shelter, and clothing in one moment and line the bottom of a birdcage in the next, and the universe could be created by God Almighty in one moment and by a big explosion in the next — and on and on."
- Kurt Vonnegut, Galapagos

Residents at the last Brockley Local Assembly highlighted the lack of public bins in Brockley as a problem and the Council has offered to consult more widely on this issue, to see if the rest of Brockley agrees.

They have created an online survey about local litter hotspots and would appreciate you taking the time to fill it in, to say whether you think it's a problem and - if so - where new bins are most needed.

Please click here to take the survey.