WP Stone Factory to be redeveloped

The owners of the WP Stone Factory, 2a Tyrwhitt Road, have submitted plans to redevelop the site as a building containing eight two-bedroom flats. The designs achieve such high density by adding another floor to the building.

The building was originally built to fabricate steel but has fallen in to disrepair, as operations have had to move to a more appropriate and efficient site, outside of London. The building has long been regarded by correspondents on Brockley Central as something of an eyesore, albeit part of our industrial heritage.

Clearly, the building has no future as a factory and the reinvention of The Talbot means that this is the ideal time to redevelop a key brownfield site. But we're not sure that this is the right solution. Architecturally, it seems neither to respect the original building nor start afresh and the density of the proposal could be a cause for concern.

BrocSoc is among the groups being consulted, but what do you think?