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Germaine Arnold blogs about the things he finds in Deptford Market and has unearthed this hot ticket from the 70s - a Dinner and Dance in Sydenham in aid of the 50th anniversary of Brockley FC.

Today's Brockley FC says it was founded in 2007 while the only other similarly named club we know of is Brockley County FC.

Does anyone know what became of Brockley FC?


Anonymous said...

£6 tickets in 1977! Bet that was full of dishonest fare :-(

Anonymous said...

.Sure seems pricey for 1977.

Anonymous said...

A pint of beer would have been around 30p in 1977, so £6 sounds a steep.

Must have been a posh do.

Steve said...

It's not linked to Brockley County FC, named after the school that is now Prendergast. We do have our own AGM/Fun Day on June 5 and we are only charging £5.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's a coincidence...

My wife recently found a book of Results Sheets for Brockley FC for the 1935 season (I'm pretty sure she too found it in Deptford Market).

They were playing in the South East London Amateur Football League and each sheet is filled in with the handwritten team line up and result. They're quite faint as they're the carbon copy duplicates (presumably the top copies were sent to the League)

Anyway, it lists 16 matches and they won 11, drew 1 and lost 4, so they were doing pretty well!

I Googled Brockley FC out of interest and found the club that was formed in 2007. Then I found this current discussion.

I'm going to Google further and see if I can track this club down but the 50th anniversary in 1970 would tie in with them being in existence in 1935.


Germaine said...

At the market last week I found three booklets full of information about Brockley FC and SE London football in general.

Have scanned in some pages for my blog here:

Seems that the club was still going in the mid eighties. Can't find any accounts of them playing in Brockley at all disappointingly though!

Coach Henry said...

I started the new Brockley Fotball Club in September 2007. We have since won promotion to the Senior premier division of the London and Kent Mens Football League. We also won the LKB Inter Cup in 2010. As it happens our pre season training starts at 11am on Sunday 3rd July. The first session incorporates an open trial. If you fancy taking part please give me a call on 07970514949

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