Olympic tickets

The deadline for you to apply for Olympic tickets is 11.59pm tonight. Click here to apply.

The wide range of events and ticket price categories means that the application process is fairly complicated and you will need a Visa card. The BBC's James Pearce has written a helpful guide to the application process on his blog, which is worth consulting.

Brockley Central is excited just to be in the host city during the Games, but we also decided that we didn't want to miss the chance to actually go. With the exception of the equestrian events (which we just can't get excited about, despite the fact they're closest to us) we're agnostic about what sports we see. So our decision-making process was as follows:
  • We want to see a sport where Britain has a half-decent chance of winning a medal (so no beach volleyball)
  • We want to go to something in the Olympic Park itself, since it's the heart of the event (so no rowing or football)
  • We want to go to something outdoorsy, since we don't like sitting indoors on a sunny day and we're hoping that the London Olympics will have decent weather (so no cycling or swimming)
  • Our young kids, turned on to the Olympics via Mario and Sonic, are likely to get bored by sports that involve participants standing around a lot or which are determined by technical criteria, like who grabbed whose lapel first (so no track and field)
These considerations led us to the BMX events, so that's what we've gone for. What about you? We've added a poll to the South East London forum.

[Full disclosure, the consultancy I work for, Edelman, works for LOCOG, though not on ticket promotion]