Would you borrow a book from these people?

The News Shopper has a great summary of the bidders vying to take over some or all of Lewisham's libraries.

There are two candidates interested in taking on all four libraries, including Eco Computer Systems, a computer recycling social enterprise which has been highly active in promoting its case and We Think, a group led by Lewisham Community Sports that aims to turn the centres in to broader activity centres aimed at young people.

We Think's Toby Chambers gets docked points for confusing "less" with "fewer" in his quote:

“There’ll be books there and computers. But it’s about redefining what a library’s role in society is going to be. We’re saying less is more - less books but more quality.”

Charity Family Services UK wants to use New Cross library as its new HQ.

Finally, pity poor Sydenham library, which has been targeted by the New Testament Church of God, whose presentation makes them sound as credible as this fictitious one.