Micro to Macro, Toads Mouth Too

Gill Hickman, stalwart of the Brockley Open Studios and director of the artist-run Skylark Galleries at Gabriel's and Oxo Tower Wharf, has organised an exhibition at Toads Mouth Too, 188 Brockley Road.

Called Micro to Macro, the exhibition began in March and runs until April 30th. There are 21 pieces of art including embossed collages and textured paintings of cells and of planets and stars, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first space flight.


shrektor said...

Good for them. Local businesses need to do more of this, to draw us in. Having said that, Toads do a pretty excellent cheesecake which is a huge draw in itself.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the work is pretty awful.

Sooty said...

It's best for people to judge these things for themselves the appreciation and enjoyment of art can be highly subjective.

Tamsin said...

Absolutely. When I was there over the weekend a couple came in from (I think) Kilburn who had seen Gill's work at the Skylark but had not bought a piece because one in the shades of white that they liked would be lost with their pale cream decor. They had come back (venturing by invitation deeper into South London) because the woman had decided to repaint one wall of their bedroom just to show off one of Gill's pieces to its best advantage.

And as anyone who has been to one of the open studios would recall, there is a huge variety in Gill's work as she has experimented with different techniques over the years - from the very three dimensional layers of net and tissue over hand embossed paper, to photographs of street surfaces, to the present paintings of cells transforming into planets.

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