Easter at Frendsbury Gardens

Brockley Central readers are invited to an Easter Fun Day at Frendsbury Gardens (Frendsbury Road) on Sunday 17th April, 11am till 2pm, to raise money for a Club House for kids.

There will be games, an Easter egg treasure hunt, free crafts, refreshments and a raffle with prizes kindly donated by local businesses, such as a dinner for two at the Royal Oak. There will also be stalls for hire.

If anyone is interested in renting a table for the day they can ring Ema directly on 07956 956 116. For further information ring that number or email: emafelix@hotmail.com.

This is also another opportunity to plug the Frendsbury Gardens Bug Club, who meet once a month and whose recent achievements include the construction of a Bug Hotel, bird feeders and spider web frames. Follow them on Facebook.


DJ said...

Will there be kids? If so I'm out. Little idiots running around 'having fun'? Scum.

Anonymous said...

any news on the skate park at Telegraph Hill?

Frendsbury Gardens would have been a good place for a skateboard park.

Anonymous said...

I hope this event is going to be a little more inclusive than previous events held at Frendsbury Gardens. It appears as if a small cohort of local residents have colonised Frendsbury Gardens and use it as a place to hang out with their Middle Class friends.

I'm white, and and don't have kids, so have no vested interest but still find it strange that in the middle of an estate, on the 'west side ' of Brockley they've managed to create a club without ANY black members...bit suspect if you ask me!

Unknown said...

Dear white with no kids anonymous ignorance can be bliss sometimes I know but as the vice-chair of friends of frendsbury garden and very black and very proud I beg to differ.

Out of the 14 committee members 4 of us are black so nearly a 1/3 members. Our Lewisham council community support worker the lovely Stella is black also.

Our events are open to all we leaflet both places like the Broca but also the Honor oak estate. As well as making bird feeders we have had African drumming out our Big Lunch see our Facebook page. Yes it would be great if more people from all walks of life got involved but if nature is not your thing no amount of event organising will change that.

If anyone is interested in joining the Friends of Frendsbury Garden we would love to have more members and come up with more fundraising ideas. We meet at the Broca at 6.30pm the 3rd Tues of each month.

I would sign off with a black power gardening salute but not sure there is one :-)

Anonymous said...

Almost anywhere other than in either of the Telegraph Hill Parks would have been a good place to have a skate park. There are flat under-used spaces around the Somerville/Wildgoose estate as well but, focussed on the parks, the group did not consult there.

Brockley Nick said...

You mean in order to solve the problem of noisy skateboarders outside people's houses, you'd put a skate park in a housing estate and retirement home?

Anon. 10.55 said...

Not at all - working from the premise that a skate-board area is a good thing and a play asset, so it's a pity to put it in an already tightly packed, busy park, and moreover one that is not lit at night and closes at dusk. The Somerville Adventure playground and the very sad slightly sunken ball playing area away to the left of Dennetts Road have had no investment for decades. (I think there was talk about NDC monies for the Adventure Playgorund but it seems there was so much talk that even with a ten year life for NDC projects the time ran out.) There's also a grassed area that currently can be used for nothing other than a dog toilet.

Maybe the residents would have come out with a negative response saying a skate-board area would be too noisy (they already get a lot of noise from Edmund Waller) but what bugs me is that they were not even asked in the consultation that was funded by assembly monies.

But what's done and undone is done and undone - and such matters are up to those prepared to put in the hard work of getting such a facility up and running.

Danja said...

it seems there was so much talk that even with a ten year life for NDC projects the time ran out.

Amusing. So true of the whole thing, from a slightly outsider perspective.

There's also a grassed area that currently can be used for nothing other than a dog toilet.

Yeah I always thought the upper park where they started off lobbying for was by by far the better option.

Oh sorry, wrong dog toilet.

Brockley Dogging Society said...

I think you'll find nothing is ever 'just' a dog toilet.

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