Crofton Park Co-Op expands

In theory, an organisation that doesn't have to pay shareholders ought to have a bit more cash to re-invest in its business, but in Brockley Central's experience, shopping at the Co-Op is like travelling back in time, to a simpler, less good time. The surest cure for nostalgia.

At some point in the early part of this century, they realised that it was time to try on the Co-Op bank's worthily-aspirational brand halo, gave themselves a nice new spring green makeover and started talking about ethical sourcing. And we almost believed they'd changed, until we stepped inside the Crofton Park Co-Op, the darkest, most poorly-stocked high street supermarket we've ever seen.

But now, it sounds as though the Co-Op may be ready to add some substance to their style. They're expanding sideways in to the recently-evacuated dry cleaners, hopefully a sign that they're going to put some effort in to this site at last.

Thanks to Alistair for the information