Hillyfielders FC: For whom the ball tolls

We've covered the shameful threat to Honor Oak recreation ground before but now we've been contacted by Brockley resident Jenny O'Connell who explains the impact it would have on children's sport in the area:

I help run a football club called Hillyfielders FC. We use to be based at Hilly Fields (hence the name) a few years ago we had to move due to the amount of children we were getting so the only open space avaliable within walking distance and which wasn't occupied was Honor Oak Park. We have many children from SE4 and surrounding areas who are a part of HFC.

I don't know if you are aware but Southwark (who own the land) want to use Honor Oak Rec for Burials as they are running out of space. This would mean that HFC would no longer have a training ground or a home ground (as we play our home games there at present).

Please sign the petition to save Honor Oak rec now.