Brockley Cross - what happens next

Cllr Vicky Foxcroft attended a meeting earlier this week with Council officers to discuss the redevelopment of Brockley Cross junction and has provided this very helpful summary.
As you can see, with initial roadworks completed, it will take considerably longer to deliver the final scheme than originally thought, with work unlikely to be completed until May 2012, but least this gives it a better chance of being done right:
A survey pamphlet was sent out to 1600 people.
76 responses were received.
A copy of responses is available on the council website.
Progress to date
A topographical land survey has been conducted.
A highways design consultant engineer Clive Sawers, conducted a review of the mini roundabouts and proposed alterations, looked into options regarding the placements of mini roundabouts, they also looked at options regarding one roundabout and traffic lights.
It was decided that the safest option was to retain two roundabouts, but to ensure that they were moved a little so that cars were not able to go straight across and ignore them.
Furthermore it was concluded that traffic lights would hold up too much traffic and that transport for London would not agree to them.
David Moores, landscape architect from project centre is looking at the public realm proposals.
Funding has been secured over the next two years from Transport for London,
£244,000 has been secured over the next two years, and this has to be spent by March 2013.
The aim is that the design should be finalised by September 2011.
The desire is that works begin February 2012, with the aim to be finished by May 2012.
Areas which have been looked at following the consultation
The roundabouts will be raised.
The 20mph speed limit will be enforced.
There will be a ramp into brockley cross junction from Malpas and Geoffrey Road, to slow down the flow of traffic.
There will be a ramp into the zebra crossing on brockley road, to slow down traffic.
They will explore putting a refuge on the brockley road zebra crossing.
The refuge islands will all be enhanced.
Wider pavements are being looked at.
They are conducting a safety audit to see if it is possible to have zebra crossings on Shardeloes road, Malpas and Geoffrey road entrance to Brockley cross junction as well as the one on Brockley road. This would enable pedestrians to get around Brockley cross junction safely. We will receive the details of this within the next two weeks.
The Endwell road entrance to Brockley has previously had safety audits conducted to see if it can have a pedestrian crossing but this has been rejected because of the turns in the roads.