Buenos Aires Cafe, Blackheath

We've always been suspicious of the places at the top of Blackheath Village, which over the years, has attracted some pretty rubbishy restaurants. So that's why we hadn't tried Buenos Aires Cafe before, despite the fact it's been there for years, collecting decent reviews. That, and we don't get out much. And we're married to a vegetarian.

The steaks are delicious - we had a 400g rib-eye and got to try a couple of other cuts from the plates, courtesy of friends who were defeated by the meat. The wine they recommended made us immediately regret our decision to drive. Upstairs is bright and intimate and we weren't under pressure to leave, even though we stayed until the very end. And for an Argentine steak specialist, the menu made a surprising number of concessions to vegetarians.


Mb said...

Has the Blackheath le querce opened yet? Any reviews?

(if I don't get an answer here, I may have to try somewhere else)

Anonymous said...

Yes it has... Is still bedding down though.

Unknown said...

Went there for my dad's birthday and the steaks were superb. Good service too.

Anonymous said...

Yes Le Querce Blackheath is open. Same review and food that in Brockley. So good food.


THNick said...

La querce definitely open. Havent tried it yet, but chatting to one of the guys in HOP version, they said Blackheath was still settling in. Busy at weekends but quiet early in the week as they build up a reputation.

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