Lewisham Gateway developers given until the end of 2013

It's been suspiciously quiet since grassy hummocks were laid on the proposed site of the Lewisham Gateway project - the much-delayed masterplan for the centre of Lewisham. Now, Estates Gazette reports that the developers behind the project will be given more time by Lewisham Council to sort themselves out:

Muse Developments and housebuilder Taylor Wimpey... which were selected to develop the Lewisham Gateway scheme in 2004, now have until the end of 2013 to finalise detailed planning approval for the first phase and to start work on site.

Brockley Central is coming round to the idea that this further delay is welcome. Since we first wrote about Lewisham Gateway, the start of the Loampit Vale redevelopment project has changed the terms of the debate.

By 2013, the first phase of Loampit Vale construction will be complete. We'll be better able to judge what kind of impact it is likely to have on the future of the town centre, both physically and commercially. If the flats sell out and the commercial space secures tenants, then Lewisham will have demonstrated its attractiveness as a location, making it easier for the developers to raise finance and for the Council to secure the right kind of development for the borough.

We've added a poll to the Lewisham forum - will Lewisham Gateway ever happen? Should it? Vote now.

Thanks to Tyrwhitt Michael for the heads up.


max said...

A couple of weeks ago Lewisham Council itself avoided any mention of it in an "article" in the News Shopper link about developments in Lewisham.

Conway said...

I believe they should have finished the Gateway before building the flats.

Anonymous said...

I think Brockley Nick is wrong...the centre of Lewisham could end up with a series of individual developments which bear no relationship to each other.

Lewisham Gateway was supposed to be the catalyst for the other developments, Loampit Vale, Lewisham Bridge, Thurston Road Industrial Estate and the two developments at Connington Road.

Now Loampit Vale is saying it is the kickstart to the development of Lewisham town centre.

Look at the clash between the civic centre and the Broadway Theatre in Catford. After a 20 year delay the breaker (a gothic clocktower) was demolished.

I can't believe our politicians were not aware of the likely lenght of the delay of beginning Lewisham Gateway when the council decided to grass over the cracks.

As recently as the council AGM the Mayor talked of all the regeneration in Lewisham but didn't have the balls to say anything about Lewisham Gateway, and it appears the Deputy Mayor has been playing the same game of deflecting attention...I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

..and if the developers don't start work before 2014, what then?

Will it be like at Downham, where all the Mayor did nought but spend a million pounds consulting consultants about consultants?

Maybe Lewisham will end up with a 'village green' at its heart.

Brockley Nick said...

Well then the Council will have the right to invite other developers I guess. Back to the drawing board...

popol said...

All I hope for this project is that there is sufficient infrastructure, for all the people who will live in that area. I can't expect thoughtful aesthetics, this is Lewisham after all.

AJ said...

I think it would be a crying shame if the gateway development didn't go ahead. The current situation is abysmal.

In an ideal world the gateway development would have happened before Loampit Vale, but the last few years have hardly been ideal for developers or council planning and regeneration departments for that matter.

I was on the same press trip as the reporters from the News Shopper and while the council didn't give a speech about the gateway development, they were perfectly happy to chat about it. And yes, the hope is that the prices achieved at Loampit Vale will help gateway developer Muse raise the finance to get started.

I asked Barratt how much they're getting for a typical two bedroom flat and they told me between £300,000 and £350,000, which struck me as rather a lot considering their size and location.

Hugh said...

I do hope the planners spare a thought for the organic latte mummies collective. They can't be expected to squat the Greenwich Picture House bar forever.

max said...

"I was on the same press trip as the reporters from the News Shopper and while the council didn't give a speech about the gateway development, they were perfectly happy to chat about it. And yes, the hope is that the prices achieved at Loampit Vale will help gateway developer Muse raise the finance to get started."

Which raises the question as to why the News Shopper decided against publishing the one and only real news released at the event.

What's the point of the Council speaking to the press if then the press doesn't report about it?

Tim said...

Hugh, this makes little sense. Is there a joke in there somewhere? Do you have a problem with mothers or latte or both?

MVD said...

Hugh Why not?

AJ said...


"The Press" is not the News Shopper. I was there for a much longer term assignment. The reason that the stuff about the gateway development wasn't reported in the News Shopper was because - to the best of my knowledge - they didn't ask. It's not my job to write stories for the local press if they don't ask the questions that Brockley residents want them to.

max said...

Degraded to "Shopper"!

Anonymous said...

Judging from the hurry in completing Jude Court the private demand for mail box flats is not really high.

This is another sign that the property market is not sorting itself out and Lewisham may end up with many empty large buildings that were approved only to save "too large to fail developers" from bankrupcy.

Public housing will then consider filling them in by moving publicly funded residents from expensive victorian houses to flats.

History repeats itself...

Anonymous said...

When those grassy knolls were first created the council sid work would begin this year.

It now looks like this project is on hold for at least two years.

Originally due to began in Jan 2006, then 2009 it now looks like nought will happen till late 2013.

In the period since 2006, an olympic sports stadium, velodrome and swimming pool have been built.

Also Westfield West & East have been built and openned.

Would the current owners of Lewisham Shopping Centre be a better choice of developer for Lewisham Gateway?

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