Instant fame and fortune

Emily's looking for volunteer actors for a charity film:

I'm currently volunteering at a charity which helps people regain skills after head injury to go on to lead fulfilled lives. The charity is called The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust and is part of The Disabilities Trust.

My background is in TV (I'm now re-training to be a psychologist) and the charity has asked me to film some little sketches (they've given very short scripts) set in the work-place. These films will be used as resources in specialist brain injury centres to help people prepare to return for work after a brain injury.

3 of the sketches are set in a supermarket and Sainsbury's are kindly allowing me to film at Sainsbury's New Cross but I need to find 3 volunteers who are free on a weekday (any day) before 4pm.

Evenings and weekends are too busy for Sainsbury's to let us film then and unfortunately all my friends who had volunteered to take part aren't free during the day.

- the scripts are very short and good fun to film
-filming takes maximum an hour
-the films will only be shown to people in specialised brain injury rehabilitation centres in the UK
-acting ability is a bonus - but certainly not essential! Lots of my friends have helped out and all that's needed is enthusiasm and a sense of humour

Please do get in touch if you're free in the daytime and are interested to find out more. I can send you more info, answer questions and send you scripts...