Lazer, Blazer and Steve

White Goodman: Oh, really, you like it over there with those freaks in Losertown?
Kate Veatch: Freaks? They're not freaks, they're people just like you and me.
White Goodman: People, haha, people just like you and me! That is what I love about you Kate! You've got a *personality*!

- Dodgeball

Brockley's local Dodgeball team is back and looking for new members. Steve writes:

Our 2nd season is closing in the next couple of weeks and it looks like we've successfully avoided relegation from the Premier League.

As our squad is growing and we can't give everyone who is interested a game we've decided its time to form a B Team (or social side) if you prefer.

Brockley is currently a hot bed of Dodgeball 'talent' with around 9 of our squad livng within walking distance of Brockley station and the areas many attractions. We've even got interest from member's of the Brockley Bridge Club (plenty of transferable skills?)

All comers are welcome. Its MIXED. We play on Thursday nights (New season starts in May). Games are played in London Bridge

My housemate David Chandler (of Braxfield Road) has put this short video together for people to get a taster of what goes on.

We're not that fussed about winning. Its all about the apres-dodge which often spills over into some of Brockley's finest bars. However, the beer always tastes better after a victory.

For more information: Contact Steve: