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"The Public Eye" by award winning writer Peter Shaffer (Equus, Amadeus)

Concerned about the fidelity of his young wife Bloomsbury Accountant Charles Sidley retains the services of Mayhew and Figgis Detective Agency, enter replacement Detective Julian Cristoforou. Will Charles Sidley's increasing paranoia about his wife prove well founded? Or will Private Dick Julian Cristoforou's unconventional tactics unveil the actuality of a seemingly staid marriage. A farcical, sharp and moving play that is completely at home within the tumultuous hysteria of London's swinging sixties.

April 27 to May 7 at 8pm, Sunday matinee 1 May at 5pm
Tickets £12

Discount price of £8 for:
"Mary Rose" by J M Barrie (Peter Pan author)

In the grey waters surrounding the Hebrides, a fir tree and a rowan keep vigil over a mysterious island where spirits walk. In a Sussex manor house another ghost keeps watch, yearning for the return of her beloved boy.Mary Rose is a supernatural story of love, lost innocence and the parallel world where our departed ones are still present, just beyond reach.

May 10 to 14 at 7.45pm only

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Tamsin said...

"Mary Rose" looks interesting. One tends to forget that Barrie wrote a lot of other stuff as well as Peter Pan. "Dear Brutus" for one - the wistful sadness of the "might-have-been". Also, it's worth reading Peter Pan as a text - a great deal about Captain Hook - who comes through as a figure with an element of tragic grandeur. And the character of Peter, not all sweetness and light but rather the a-morality of the self-centred outlook of a child.

(End of Eng. Lit. lesson - sorry!)

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