Welcome Transpontine and Gema to the New Cross and Deptford forums

The Sphinx: We are number one. All others are number two, or lower.
- Mystery Men

We're pleased to welcome two new moderators to South East Central. Legendary local blogger Transpontine will lord it over the New Cross forum, while SEC's most industrious member Gema will take charge of the Deptford forum.

Together with SE Steve (Nunhead and Peckham), Catford Grrl (Catford) and Pratish (The Bike Lane) they are always five. Acting as one. Dedicated. Inseperable. Invincible.


NAT said...

This is good news.

But I hope it doesn't mark the end of Transpontines own excellent Blog.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more stuff about Lewisham town centre.

It seems to get overlooked in forums and blogs.

Tamsin said...

Then post it - there's the Lewisham and Ladywell sections of SE Central that are relevant.

Anonymous said...

The mung police like to pretend that Lewisham doesn't exist - or that we don't live within its borough.

Anonymous said...

We're part of Lewisham?

Transpontine said...

I'm not planning to stop the Transpontine blog, but Transpontine has never really been a hyper-local New Cross blog. Really it's things that interest me and occasional collaborators from across SE London (particularly music, history and sub-cultural obscurities). A lot of it does relate to New Cross it's true, but there's also a lot of everyday stuff that goes on in New Cross that doesn't get reflected anywhere particularly. So it would be good if the New Cross Forum could fill that gap a bit.

NAT said...

Worried that you might not have time for both.


Anonymous said...


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