Brockley Communitybuilders

Brockley architect Ruari is looking for people interested in working with him to apply for funding to develop low energy design and refurbishment projects in the area. He's identified a possible source of funding - the Communitybuilders Fund - which says:

From 27 February to noon on 13 April 2012, organisations are welcome to apply for Communitybuilders Feasibility Grants. 

 Feasibility grants of half a million will be available for organisations looking to research and develop a sustainable and entrepreneurial idea that meets social needs of their local community. We are looking to award between 20 and 30 grants and up to 5 days business support to high quality applicants with a proven track record. 

Organisations can apply for a maximum of £25,000 and minimum of £10,000 in this round of funding. You can use the Communitybuilders Feasibility Grants for - Capital expenditure: Architects and other professional fees to produce detailed design and costings for building plans, and other one-off fees relating to building purchase or development. Revenue expenditure: Development of business plans, internal project management costs, increased staff capacity, training related to your enterprise idea and market research and product development.

There are plenty of properties in the area that could use an energy-efficient refit and plenty of social needs to be met. If you'd like to collaborate with Ruari, please get in touch with him via email.