Brockley Special Branch: A Quantum of Solace

Larry: So, okay. So. So if that's that, then we can do this, right? Is that right? Isn't that right? And that's Schrodinger's paradox, right? Is the cat dead or is the cat not dead? Okay?
- A Serious Man

A year ago, a street tree appeared in the pavement on our walk to Brockley Station. It was exactly where a dot had been placed on a map during a Brockley Ward Assembly consultation about where trees ought to be planted. A few days later it disappeared and the hole in which it had once stood was filled up with tarmac. It was a quantum tree that flickered in and out of existence.

We subsequently discovered that the tree had been stolen and that a group from the Brockley Society was working with the Council's John Thompson to identify such gaps and replace the missing trees. Last week, a new tree was planted in the same spot: stronger, more lovely and hopefully less-nickable than before.

Thanks to the Council and to BrocSoc for fighting these little battles that make a big difference to the quality of daily life in the area.

BrocSoc is looking for local residents who want to volunteer to look after the trees in their formative years - watering them and reporting any damage or theft.

If there's a newly planted tree near your front door and you are interested in helping with this project, please get in touch with us here and we'll connect you.