Stop the Rot Campaign goes mainstream

Isobel Williams' campaign to persuade Goldsmiths to take responsibility for its portfolio of festering property in New Cross was featured on BBC Radio Four's You and Yours programme today.

Isobel kicked off the campaign with an article on Brockley Central that drew a quick response from Goldsmiths ,which acknowledged the problem and promised to give the issue greater focus. You and Yours interviewed Goldsmiths Registrar Hugh Jones, who admits they "took their eye off the ball" due to the large number of properties in their portfolio (70-80 buildings in the campus) and that the college hopes to sell the St Donnatt's Road residential property within the next month.

Jones says that Goldsmiths hopes to bring the properties on the high street back in to use 'soon' although it will take approximately £1.5 million of investment.

The feature starts at 16 mins 30 seconds and continues at 33 mins.