Brockley Central Drinks: The Drinkening

It's been a while, but after a nearly two year hiatus, Brockley Central Drinks are back!

We're organising a drink-up on Wednesday, March 14th. Brockleys Nick, Jon and Kate will be there, as will at least one single woman, who emailed us to ask if there was such a thing as a singles night in Brockley. From this tiny acorn, BC Drinks was reborn. You don't have to be single to drink with us, but it helps... Monkeyboy.

Brockley Central Drinks are as formless and chaotic as this blog, but without the trolling. There is no agenda (other than that Brockley is great), just lovely people, all in the same place, at the same time, with different drinks in their hands.

Drinks will start at 8pm. What we haven't yet decided is where they will be. That decision coming soon, but we wanted to put this date in your diaries. Hope to see you then.