Caddystack to give away

Project Dirt has a bumper hoard of "7 litre food composting caddies" (aka sturdy buckets with lids on) to give away and BCer David has kindly offered to go and collect one for you (although you'll need to email him quickly because he's going this afternoon). You'll also need to collect them from it in Crofon Park.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!


Anonymous said...

Green social network?

They missed a trick by not calling it Mungbook!

Tamsin said...

Is it me or does the e-mail link not work. I would like one or two for the Common Growth Community Garden.

Brockley Ben said...

@tamsin. Not just you I think. The link is set up for a webpage not a mailto: address.

It looks to me like the email address you need is

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