The Hour at The Rivoli

Scenes from the second series of BBC Two period drama "The Hour" will be filmed at The Rivoli on February 29th. The series stars Dominic West (The Wire) and Romola Garai (Atonement).

Our TV consumption has been whittled down recently to little more than Take Me Out and New Girl, so we didn't see series one. But we obviously have to watch series two now.

Kudos to BC reader Nick for letting us know.

EDIT: Whoops, nearly missed an opportunity for FULL DISCLOSURE! The production company responsible, Kudos, was acquired by Shine, which was in turn acquired by News Corporation, which is a client of ours in our day job.


NAT said...

Series one was excellent.

The competing pressures on an early news programme and its diverse staff.

Good gig for The Rivoli.

pip said...

Series 1 was very enjoyable (though I got quite confused in places, especially when viewing was accompanied by a glass or two of wine). Definitely good enough to make me watch series 2.

Yet another coup for the Rivoli - though not as good as Justin Lee Collins, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Nick (effectively) works for Newscorp? Well now that explains a lot.

Fair and balanced ;-) said...

@ Anon 13.25

Thats was a bit snide wasn't it? "that explains a lot" - well explains what exactly?

Brockley Central is hardly Fox news, there hasn't been any phone tapping going on and the website does nothing but promote Brockley and facilitate debate.

Do you actually have any valid point to make or anything to contribute to the Brockley Central site?

Anonymous said...

I used to work for NewsInt, big wow.

Not every one of the 2,000 employees at Wapping hacked phones you know.

The Sun is still shite though.


Fabhat said...

What is this - nobble Brockley Nick day? I used to work at News Int too - also seem to avoid the urge to phone tap.
If I was held responsible (or to agree with) the views of all my clients in my current job I would be very, very a little unfair to (yet again) snark at Nick about his employer/

(FULL DISCLOSURE - I have been hired to do two jobs for Edelman PR
in the past - but as far as I know they didn't microchip my brain)

fong said...

Was I the only one who though Anon 13.25 was being sarcastic?

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I've never worked for Edelman PR, I don't know Nick or Anon 13.25, I drink a cup of Twinings tea in the mornings and I've never eating an M-bean)

Fair and balanced said...

fong - you may well be right - in which case I apologise for any over-reaction... but there is a conspiracy nutjob who lurks about trolling and begging for troll food.

New Rubbish said...

New Girl is awful though right?

insider said...

Arse. Everytime I'm on this gig I have to schlep up to blinking Hornsey Town Hall - where most of it is shot.

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