Safe cycling study at Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths student Lee Qing writes:

I am currently doing an academic project on safer cycling specifically in Lewisham. We hope to interview some local residents who cycle around Lewisham. I'd like to ask people some simple questions: Do they feel safe cycling in the area? Have they had any bad experiences? What do they believe the Council should do to improve cycling in this area? And what can local people contribute?

If anybody would be happy to share their views, I can be contacted at my college email:


Timmy2wheels said...

You should set up a Survey Monkey questionnaire. I think you can collect 100 responses with a free account.

Anonymous said...

Your questions are biased, even by the degraded standards of social science, which is saying something.

MalB said...

Agree with Anonymous. This isn't the first badly composed set of questions from a Goldsmith's student we've had here and pulled apart.

Any responses are going to be totally biased and totally meaningless. It has even got the classic "have you stopped beating your wife" question in it.

As well as de-biasing the questions, Lee Qing, you should also ask non-cyclists for their views. "safer" is relative. Safety comes at a cost. And that cost can mean less money to be spent on other borough services which could make others safer or healthier or better educated. Either that or all residents, including the non-cyclists have to pay for it.

Oh, and the "should do" should be a "could do".

Osh said...

Where does it say it's a social science project? Maybe it's a design project, for example.

Anonymous said...

Boy, breathtaking arrogance there mal. You've read a blog post and have confidently rubbished the entire process and a student or project you know nothing about. Well done you, give yourself a prize. Questions can still be useful even with bias, if some one was to ask "what do you think could be done to improve the NHS?" would you scream that they ere implying there was something wrong? or that the question would encourage people with complaints?

It's a non-complaint and utterly irrelevent.

MalB said...

Dear Anonymous: if somebody asked, as you suggested, "what do you think could be done to improve the NHS?", I wouldn't scream at them at all.

If however they asked, as that questioner did, "what should be done to improve the NHS?" I would indeed scream at them for implicit bias. As I did.

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