Brockley Station patched up

Another update from BXAG:

Dear Brockley Residents,

You may have seen that Conways, Lewisham Council's highways term contractor, returned to site yesterday (Wednesday 22 February) to start on the remedial works to the steps and paving outside Brockley Station. After 2 long years of writing to the Council to highlight all of the defects that were left behind by Conways the first time round, the Highways Department have finally got them back on site to sort out these outstanding problems. Over the next 2 weeks they will be dealing with the ponding problem outside the ticket office, the disintegrating mortar joints in the paving, relaying some step units & coping stones and replacing the black strips in the steps.

We will be watching Conways' performance on this simple job very closely to make sure they do a good job and keep their works clean and tidy, so that the repairs blend in with the existing paving. The quality of Conways' workmanship is under scrutiny and its vital they get this work right. They are being paid for this work, despite the fact they are actually making good their own defects from 2009.

Later this year they may be appointed to carry out the major public realm improvements around the Brockley Cross junction, so we want to be confident they can deliver a good quality project to the high standards of workmanship they highlight on their website. Let's see how they get on at Brockley Station first!

If you are unhappy with any of the works Conways are carrying out at the Station please take a photo and get in touch via the BXAG website. We will be giving the Council feedback during and after the works, so we want this work to be monitored closely.