Brockley Poker marathon

Brockley Poker is hosting an all-night poker game on Saturday and Sunday (18th + 19th Feb). Adrian explains:

The game is Texas hold’em, the most commonly played variant of poker, in this particular event players can buy into the game and cash out of the game as they wish and so with a steady stream of willing players the game can run for as long as people want to play. This is where you come in, I have a pool of regular players who want to play but I will need locals to join in if the game stands any chance of running through both days. I’m therefore hoping that if you were to get my message out that there may be a few people out there willing to join in.

The game will be as follows, players will be able to buy in for between £10 - £50, totally up to them how much they wish is wager. The blinds (forced bet per round) are 25/25pence. This is relatively low stakes so that the game is more about fun rather than money. The venue is my flat, near Brockley Station.

 The event will not all be about poker, I’m going to cook up some food (failing that get in some take away), and it would be nice to meet and socialise with some more local folk. If any of your readership are interested in getting involved they should call/text me directly on 07912 120825, message me on Twitter or visit the SECentral forums where I’ve put the details for the game.


pl said...

So bookies are bad but this type of gambling & socialising good?

Anonymous said...

Of course this OK, its very trendy.

Brockley Nick said...

@pl - Who said bookies are bad? Not me.

I think if every shop on every high street was given over to Brockley Poker sessions, I might have an issue with is, but they aren't, so I don't.

Brockley Nick said...

Plus poker parties are cool. Bookies are not. An unavoidable fact.

Anonymous said...

I host two private games at my flat near the station; may have to check out the opposition ;)

Bookies do it for profit, simple distinction but don't let that get in the way of a good class war comment.

Anonymous said...

please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Texas hold'em a procedure performed by the BDS?

max said...

Yes, it's fun, it's cool, it's not about gambling, so is this what it is about?

Anonymous said...

All night? How glam!

Ade said...

Thanks for posting this Nick, I've had a few people contact me interested in playing so I'm pretty happy with the out come.

Anon 15:26, please do get in touch, it would be great to hear from you and see what other games are happening in the area.

Max, you nailed it, that clip very closely resembles my game....minus the serial killer.

Traz said...

Well I host a home game down by New Cross Gate most months and the regular players at the pub do the same.

We play Tuesday nights at the Telegraph on Dennetts at 8pm. Come and ask for Traz if you fancy a chilled one.

We're also hosting a £5 freeze out tournament on Sunday at 3pm (sorry, it's been in the diary for ages) so if you are low on players and want to carry on the marathon, head over for 2pm to register, grab a roast and join us.

Email or call Traz on 07823 555 011 for more info.

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