Extra Bones at Utrophia, March 2nd-4th

Extra Bones presents Progress in Work #2 is a new exhibition at Utrophia, 120 Deptford High Street, running March 2nd-4th. Curator Andrew writes:

The show will take the shape of a sound and vision den/ installation, evolving organicaly throughout the three days, using materials, inspiration, and help, from exhibition visitors, and the high street. The creative proccess will be exposed at every stage, and left open to the effects of the setting it has been placed in.

Friday will be a material gathering day, the construction will be planned, sound will be recorded, and drawings will be made. Saturday will see the drawings, now proccesed into screens, printed onto various surfaces, the recorded sounds will be effected and manipulated, and the den take it's full form. There will also be a late opening that evening until 10pm. On Sunday further conclusions and additions will be made and the project will draw to a close.

Jack Brown will be designing and constructing the frame for the den, Bernie Kerr will be composing a sound piece for the space, which will be played on various speakers and Hugh Barrell will be drawing and screenprinting in the space, onto materials which will be used for the den itself.


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